The Brief

Fairways Recruitment & HR are one of Scotland’s leading recruitment companies and offer an unparalleled 360° service with their combined HR services that help support their clients throughout the employment lifecycle.

Fairways approached Zudu needing to update their digital assets. Their existing website was not mobile optimised and was starting to age both in terms of its aesthetic but also the technologies being used.

Furthermore, Fairways were growing tired of their dated, clunky and overpriced applicant tracking software that managed their recruitment process. The software they were using meant they could only digitise so much of the recruitment process and had to rely on analogue processes involving paper and filing cabinets. The software in question was also only usable on a desktop machine keeping Fairways’ recruitment consultants tethered to their desks rather than enjoying the benefits of a true mobile workforce.

Zudu were contracted to redevelop Fairways’ website, help them gain more visibility and targeted traffic online with a concerted SEO effort and finally to develop a bespoke applicant tracking web application that would digitise and revolutionise their business processes. This ambitious project would require Zudu to gain an intimate knowledge of the Fairways’ working practices to make them the most technologically innovative recruitment provider in Scotland.

Mobile Optimised Website Design

The new Fairways website looks fantastic and has a very professional look and feel whilst maintaining a modern and innovative feel.

Careful attention was paid to the user journey of various visitors to the site. To make the user experience of both potential new clients and candidates seeking work efficient, pleasurable and memorable the website was developed with distinct areas for each user group. Check it out!





This enables both types of users to easily find information relevant to them without being distracted by content aimed at other users.

It was also important to demonstrate the breadth of services Fairways offer. After all, they are much more than just a Recruitment Agency. To provide users with the knowledge that Fairways can offer much more robust solutions to meet their requirements we integrated interesting interactive ways for potential new clients to explore the services on offer.



Web Application Development – Applicant Tracking Software

Developing Applicant Tracking Software from scratch is no mean feat! To ensure the success of this project Zudu underwent a detailed investigation of the processes involved in how recruitment consultants need to interact with both candidates and clients to result in a successful placement.

By collaborating carefully with Fairways and engaging almost every member of their team Zudu could capture the full extent of Fairway’s business process in a series of user journey maps and detailed wireframes. With the investigation concluded it was time to start development.

When developing the software, it was clear that we could realise some real advantages from building both the Fairways website and their Applicant Tracking Software. For example, we realised that a deep integration would allow us to offer access to the app for both candidates and clients via the website.

Candidates can create personal profiles within the system, manage CVs, eligibility for work documents and track their job applications, hours worked and timesheets. Clients on the other hand can manage their open vacancies, gain access to a personal ‘HR Department’ containing contracts, Terms of Business and e-commerce enabled HR support documents. Furthermore, they can approve working hours ready for payroll and in the very near future will even have access to an e-learning solution!




When it comes to the consultants they also receive many notable benefits from the new system. The entire candidate placement process is digitised and the consultants can append candidates to vacancies and clients at will, track their hours and prepare reports for payroll. They also enjoy the ability to enter vacancies on the app and post them straight to the website with one click! The features are too abundant to mention here but this powerful applicant tracking solution will certainly allow Fairways to compete in the digital age!




Oh, and did we mention that Fairway’s entire recruitment team is now mobile? The app looks great on a tablet and having useful information at your fingertips sure does impress at client meetings!



Are you looking to take your company to the next level by thinking mobile first? Zudu can help! Get in touch and tell us your ambitions today!

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