The Brief

MMG Archbold is one of Scotland’s best known accountancy practices offering services from a variety of locations including Dundee, Forfar and Montrose. Their brand is well known with the company having traded in Scotland since the 1920’s and fast approaching 100 years old. This beloved local business is truly an important part of the business infrastructure of Scotland having served their clients for generations.

MMG Archbold are no strangers to innovation and change management. You don’t stay in business for 100 years without knowing how to adapt. The latest change to overhaul the accountancy industry has been the development of online accountancy software. These new products have made it easier than ever for business owners to manage their financial affairs and for those accountants not willing to change their business practiced poses a real threat.

As you would expect MMG Archbold have embraced this change. They understand that while the online accountancy software makes ‘crunching the numbers’ easier than ever it doesn’t detract from the real value their highly skilled team can offer to their clients through countless years of experience. They understand that the value they add comes from not crunching the numbers but making sense of them and helping businesses make key strategic decisions. By working with the latest online accounting software programs MMGA have made themselves more valuable to their clients than ever whilst also offering all the benefits this new technology enables. You get the impression that with this mindset MMGA are likely to be around for another 100 years still.

Zudu’s brief was to enable MMGA to develop a modern, mobile responsive website that reflected how they embrace innovation, are well equipped for the digital world and enabled them to redefine their value proposition combined with some powerful SEO that would see their website traffic reach an all-time high.

Mobile Optimised Website Design

To meet the brief Zudu first had to really interrogate MMGA’s business to understand how they deliver consistent value to clients. Luckily, collaboration is one thing Zudu excel at and working with the MMGA team we were able to define the best way to MMGA to position themselves in the new online accountancy landscape.

The result was an innovative website with a powerful pitch delivered directly via their home page. A series of animations tells visitors in a clear and succinct fashion exactly why MMGA should be the accountants of choice for them. Click the the image below to go and check it out!



Beyond this the website clearly delivers an insight into the variety of useful services that MMGA offer to clients with clear calls to action throughout the user journey to encourage users to make enquiries.


And just in case you were in any doubt that MMGA are embracing the online accountancy revolution they have even integrated with online accountancy platforms directly on their site allowing their customers to access their favourite online accountancy products directly from their site! How handy!




Did we mention that the site also looks great on mobile devices?


Why not go and check out the website now? We would recommend paying a visit to the history section of the website to see the interesting development of a successful 100-year-old company!

Search Engine Optimisation

Now we had built MMGA a stunning new website the only thing left to ensure was a healthy increase in the search engine’s rankings and a healthy boost of traffic to help this fantastic organisation grow even further. As always, the results speak for themselves:

– X% Increase in Traffic

– X% Increase in Website Dwell time.

– X% Decrease in Bounce Rate

Could your business do with a digital boost? Want to win more customers online and deliver a service that your competitors would be hard pushed to match? Maybe you could just do with some more traffic to bring in more business? For all the above you should get in touch here! We would love to help.

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