How can enterprise apps help your business?

Internally-facing apps for business exist to help you and your employees streamline your processes and optimise your time management whilst cutting cost and waste and improving your customer's experiences with you.

Digitise your processes

As businesses grow they build processes on top of processes. Over time this leads to inefficiency and unnecessary cost. Enterprise App Development can enable your company to unlock the efficiency and agility of a start-up. Use the mobile revolution to re-invigorate the way you run your business.

Streamline your workflow

Give your employees the tools they need to succeed. Enterprise apps empower your customers and enable them to delight your customers. Give your employees instant access to inventory, important documentation, client communications, sales info and even each other and dazzle your customers with your slick operations.

Optimise your efficiency

Enterprise Apps are designed to deliver ROI as standard. By digitising your business we can save you countless hours, unnecessary spend and lost opportunity throughout your business. Invest in your business today and reap the rewards year after year. The improvements you make now will secure your business for the future.

Sectors we serve

Our expertise stretches from healthcare to finance, HR to tourism.


We are experienced providers to the NHS. We understand what it takes to develop a robust, secure and effective healthcare application. We help improve doctor-patient communication, reduce wait times and the expert management of patient data. Efficiency and Data Insight can dramatically improve patient care.

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FinTech is becoming increasingly disruptive. The insurance, banking and payments sectors are all facing radical change. We are FinTech experts and can help you capitalise on new advances. Whether it’s payment rails, Distirbuted Ledger Technologies, Blockchain or traditional payment structures we have the expertise to help.

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Recruitment & HR

Just as Tinder revolutionised the word of internet dating HR & Recruitment apps have forever changed the hiring process and the expectations of employers and candidates. We have deep expertise in HR  Recruitment and can help with custom app development, job board integrations and ATS software development.

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Sports, Leisure & Tourism

From changing the way people meet and play business on the golf course to the way people interact with the built environment we have proven experience in revamping tourist attractions, and revolutionising sports groups and leisure activities. We can help you build engaged communities and luxurious experiences.

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"The team at Zudu impressed us from the first meeting right through to final delivery. The care and attention they gave us as clients was simply fantastic. Our UK wide golf/business networking community loving sharing rounds of golf and business opportunities on the app and the community has never been stronger."

Sean Fergusson, "FORE" Business

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