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The mobile revolution has happened. It's here. Your customers are spending more and more of their disposable income via the app stores. The companies that moved first and developed an eCommerce App for their business have been enjoying the benefits that come with developing a more intimate e-commerce experience with their customers.

Developing your own e-commerce app enables you to put your brand directly into your customer’s pocket. This is powerful. When users engage with your app your competitors can’t compete for their attention and what’s more, you can gain some invaluable insights from your user’s behaviour.

Marketing & Engagement

Do you have a successful e-Commerce website? Curious about how you could supplement that with a bespoke e-commerce app for your existing customer base?

Well consider this. With a mobile app you will be able to have many more options for direct marketing. Running a new promotion? Send a push notification straight to your customer’s pocket! Want to entice an interested shopper to buy that dress they keep looking at? Let them know when it goes on sale.

The possibilities for moving your stock dramatically increase when you develop our own e-Commerce app.

Loyalty & Gamification

Consumers love loyalty schemes. Reward your customers for using your app and being loyal and watch your sales increase and your brand loyalty become a serious competitive advantage.

With our knowledge of gamification we can develop custom loyalty schemes that use advanced techniques for encouraging your customers to come back time and again. More than just points mean prizes, we develop loyalty schemes that are engaging and keep users in love with your brand.

iBeacons and Near Field Communication (NFC) Technologies

Technology has been opening up more and more interesting ways for your business to attract customers. Near Field Communication technologies allow you to merge the digital world with your brick and mortar premises. The possibilities are endless:

  • Reward customers for ‘check-ins’.
  • Push promotions to users as they walk past.
  • Allow people to order items conveniently via their app.
  • Give customers useful time related promotions.

Offer your customer an upgraded experience with a custom e-Commerce app.

Payment Methods

There are increasing ways your customers want to pay and they want you to make it easy. Make sure your business can accept your customers money when they want to spend it with you. We support all modern payment methods and even help you explore alternatives:

  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • All Major Credit Cards
  • 3rd Party Payment Processors
  • Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

EPOS Integrations

Already running an EPOS system in your store or thinking of making use of one? Great! We can integrate with a variety of EPOS systems and find unique opportunities for bespoke development that gives your business an enviable customer experience.

Analytics & Reporting

We use a variety of techniques to ensure that you get invaluable data insight from your eCommerce app. We can help you identify disengaged users and re-market to them, understand the demographics of your customer base and give direct feedback on the success of marketing campaigns.

Get amazing insights into user behaviour and drive sales with a range of techniques:

  • Crashlytics
  • Geo-Location
  • Customer Profiling
  • User Behaviour Analysis

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