Relax & Enjoy with Entertainment Apps

Entertainment apps must be just that -- entertaining to use.

Streaming services like Spotify and Netflix give users easy access to their most loved artists and television shows at the tap of a button and we are all willing to pay the monthly fee for continued high-quality streaming. So called “freemium” games allow for in-app purchases (which can total millions in revenue) but also allow users who play for free to enjoy every aspect of the game as well. Apps that connect us with our favorite celebrities make us feel like insiders, enable our guilty pleasures, and like streaming services can pull in revenue through monthly fees.

If an app meant for leisure becomes too frustrating, users will abandon it. We work to provide access to new content that keeps users excited and coming back for more.

Our Expertise

We have a depth of expertise at Zudu including gamification, expert UX design and experience working with some of the world’s largest retailers.

  • Gamification

Games design is a serious business. There is good reason gamers stay glued to their favourite console and mobile games and that is intelligent design. Games design has given us unique insight into the reward structures of the brain and that’s how great games designers are increasingly dominating the leisure time of the modern world.

With knowledge of these design techniques we can apply them to your app. We can help you develop an application designed to be more engaging, more rewarding and more fun!

  • UX Design

Without careful UX Design an app is likely to leave a user uninspired and ultimately disengaged with your brand. We take the guesswork out of building an interface that your users love by utilising a variety of prototyping, beta testing and agile development methodologies that ensure your app is a delight to use and keeps your users wanting more.

Working with ZUDU to create an app to entertain your users will take you on a journey towards a  better understanding of your audience and ultimately delivering an app that your audience loves.

  • Loyalty & Reward Programs

Great app developers know that users won’t always just come back to your interface without a compelling reason to do so. ‘Build it and they will come’ simply doesn’t cut it. Sure you will always be pushing hard to find new users but to grow your user base you need to keep and nurture your existing users. Like a bucket with holes in it, an app without a cleverly designed reward structure will see users dribble away.

Protect your investment by working with a company that understands how to nurture and grow your user base. We help you build elegant reward structures and develop an app that has the ability to become a necessity for your users.

  • Community Development

The mobile apps that command the majority of your user’s time are social. Living in an ever more interconnected mobile world means your audience will demand ways to share their experiences, connect with friends or colleagues and learn from and interact with each other. The biggest brands know how to develop individual fans into a tribe of committed ‘brand ambassadors’.

Zudu know how to leverage social networks, develop communities and encourage users to interact with each other. Work with us to discover how to build an app that entertains your users and allows them to have deep, rich and shared experiences.

  • Push Notifications / Crashlytics / User Behaviour

So you’re looking to build an entertaining app? Great, well a crucial piece of the puzzle will be understanding just how entertained your users are. Getting feedback from your user-base is absolutely essential to understanding how your app works in the field, how users interact with it and how to continue to refine and improve it.

To help you get valuable insights we have a few tricks up our sleeve. We can use the latest mBaaS products to give you access to custom analytics, push notification platforms, usage reports and more. Take the guesswork out and let Zudu give you access to valuable data insight.

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