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FinTech, short for Financial Technology, facilitates, supports, and enhances financial services through mobile technology. FinTech Apps have consistently been pushing the envelope in terms of how we manage our money, organise our finances, store wealth and transmit money.

Applications of financial technology are broad and have disrupted countless industries. PayPal is a great example of how a new payment method can take hold and become dominant in new digital environments. FinTech apps are increasingly changing our lives by revolutionising the way we process payments, manage investments and financing and even purchase and maintain insurance policies. We now see companies crowd-funding new ventures and startups even raising money through releasing shares in their own digital currencies.

The advantages are huge. Predictive data modelling, ease of use and access to personal financial information at our fingertips has changed the way we interact with money and the businesses we all interact with. The revolution in digital payments has only just begun.

Zudu can help your business navigate the risks, opportunities and technical considerations of the modern technologies currently disrupting the FinTech market and makes sure you stay one step ahead of the game.

Our Expertise

FinTech has begun disrupting even the most sacred areas of finance. Zudu have developed unique insight and expertise into these developments and can help your business explore these new technologies.

  • Apple & Android Pay

We are starting to rely less on the physical world of payments. Cumbersome physical wallets are increasingly being replaced by digital ones. Some of the largest movements in this area have come from Apple and Google with Apple Pay and Android Pay. These systems allow users to store all of their credit card information and check our easier than ever on the web, in stores and when making in-app purchases.

We can help your business realise the benefits of using the correct mix of modern payment technologies to meet your customer’s ever growing needs for digital payments. Don’t miss any more sales by not supporting modern digital wallets.

  • Wearable Payments

The advantages to digital wallets are only starting to be fully realised. We are fast moving away from even using our phones to make payments. With digital wallets now integrating with Android Wearables and the Apple Watch we are increasingly making payments completely friction-less.

Don’t wait until you have the most frustrating payment processes in your industry. Get in touch with Zudu and make sure your business stays up to date.

  • NFC, ¬†Beacons & EPOS systems

The underlying technologies allowing the ecosystem of frictionless payments to grow is continuing to evolve. As Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies improve the adoption of more efficient payment methods will continue to permeate a variety of different industries. We can help you install beacons into brick and mortar stores to allow for ‘zero touch payments’, help you offer more online payment options via your apps and websites and ensure your business serves its customers as efficiently as possible.

We have a depth of experience in designing custom EPOS solutions, integrating existing EPOS systems into custom mobile app developments and using beacon hardware to interact with your customers in all new ways.

  • Data Modelling & Visualisation

One of the greatest advantages of FinTech is the access to big data. The FinTech revolution has completely disrupted insurance markets, online trading and investment and risk management. Software has enabled us to track how people drive and alter their insurance premiums accordingly and mobile apps have even allowed us to copy the investments of experienced traders.

All of this is possible due to the access to big data that FinTech gives us. The ability to share and collate financial data continues to unlock avenues for disruption. Is there an area of your industry that is ready for an overhaul? Contact us and let us help you explore new opportunities.

  • DLT, Blockchain & ICO Management.

It wouldn’t be fair to call Bitcoin the ‘new kid on the block’ anymore. It has existed and seen tremendous growth now for 8 years. It was a fascinating advance in FinTech for one core reason, it showed us the seemingly endless opportunities and possibilities that are possible by designing authority-less, decentralised economic systems. Want to move money around the world? No problem, you can dis-intermediate the banks and their fees. Want to raise for finance for your new venture? Bypass IPOs by developing your own digital currency and have an ICO.

Zudu have had a passionate interest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Distributed Ledger Technology and ‘Blockchain’ since the beginning. You’d be hard pushed to find a UK partner better placed to explore this paradigm shifting technology.


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