Reinvent Hiring & Management with Recruitment & HR Apps

Many apps market themselves as "the Tinder for . . ." but perhaps the field of apps most commonly described this way are recruitment apps. Anyone between 18 and 35 has likely scrolled past an ad on Instagram or Facebook claiming you can "swipe right" to find your dream job.

Recruitment apps put prospective candidates information in front of recruiters and allow them to review to more quickly explore larger pools with more variety of talent. On the candidate side, profiles provide options to include more than a text-based resume giving applications a new kind of visual excitement.

Once you’ve hired your new top-talent, HR apps offer ways to control payroll from your phone, review time sheets from your tablet, and interact with employees in social-media style apps to hear feedback and offer one-on-one training.

A custom-made HR app for your company has the potential to excite employees, improving productivity and morale simultaneously.

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