Digital Recreation with Sports, Leisure & Tourism Apps

Apps to use in our downtime have become some of the most popular. Whether you love cooking, crafting, gaming, or sports, apps help to connect us with our hobbies.

If you’re over 25, you may remember storefronts advertising a mysterious historical concept: Travel Agents. Now, any internet connected device can serve as your travel planning tool. Travel apps have more potential than simply displaying a list of flights — they can provide insight on the best times of year and day to fly to certain cities, give safety tips for travelers going abroad, and teach you about the local cuisine and culture.

In the sports arena, many apps have appeared on the market for specific teams, sports, general news, and even fantasy teams. Sports-focussed apps give easy access to game schedules, stats on your favorite players and teams, and ticket purchasing.

Leisure apps have the potential to combine hobbies, such as planning a pilgrimage trip around your favorite team and providing historical information on the sites you plan to visit.

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