How to appear on Google Home and Amazon Alexa searches

Whether you’re a fan of smart speakers or you’re yet to adopt, it’s hard to deny the power of the technology. An incredible 40% of all UK households will own an Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple HomePod by the end of 2018, and by 2020, 30% of all searches will be voice-conducted. As a …

5 ways to nail user experience without spending a fortune

Whether you’re working on a redesign of your company website or you’re building an app for a new business, user experience research is a must. Understanding the needs of your audience and the way in which they interact with your design is key to success, and skimping on research may have negative effects on the …

  • 11th Sep, 18 -
  • James Buchan
  • UX

How to design apps for smartphones with notches

With the iPhone X and the upcoming Google Pixel 3 bringing notches to the masses to accommodate facial recognition and the removal of a home button, smartphones have more screen real estate than ever before. As a developer, it’s your responsibility to adapt your user interfaces to take advantage of this new space and help …

  • 28th Aug, 18 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

How to adapt your marketing to expand into new territories

Finding ways to make your business more profitable year on year can be tough. Of course, you can find new customers by using digital marketing techniques like a new website, a custom app, an SEO campaign or aggressive pay-per-click, but if you’re looking for long-term, sustainable growth, then entering a new territory could be the …

An introduction to Search Ads on the App Store

Launching an app offers a wide range of benefits, not least increased brand awareness and a more engaged customer base. However, once you’ve taken the time to design an app and launched it in the iOS App Store, the biggest challenge is getting people to download it. In today’s article, we give you an introduction …

  • 13th Aug, 18 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

Our five-step guide to planning for a website redesign

Your website is one of your most important assets. Of course, social media and your content strategy will no doubt contribute to your growth, but a well-designed website can persuade new customers to buy your products and services, and ensure existing ones come back for more. If you’re thinking about redesigning your company website this …

5 common misconceptions about user-experience design

Whether you’re designing a new website for your business or you’re launching an app for your employees, user experience design should be your primary focus. Of course, keeping other things in mind, like monetisation, conversions and branding is important, but it’s essential that you concentrate on the needs and experiences of your users before anything …

  • 31st Jul, 18 -
  • James Buchan
  • UX

How to maintain a consistent brand across various digital channels

In the world of marketing, consistency is key. Being able to put across a clear and consistent message to your target market, regardless of where you’re at or what platform you’re using, will enable you to find more customers and keep existing ones committed to your business. Today, we’re delving deeper into some of the …

Zudu named a top UK app development company on Clutch

Zudu has been listed as a top UK app development company on ratings website Clutch. Ranked based on feedback from clients across the industry, we are proud to sit amongst other top players in the app development community. The award cements us as a top choice for businesses in the UK and around the world …

  • 23rd Jul, 18 -
  • James Buchan
  • News

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