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Zudu worked on an exciting new app for Zepta, designed to bring influencers together and “beat the Instagram algorithm”. The first-of-its-kind networking platform was created to tap into the growing influencer marketing sector, forecast to be worth $22.3 billion by 2024.


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The Brief

Zepta came to Zudu looking for help developing a platform for Instagram influencers. The company wanted to make it easier for users to meet like-minded creators with similar audience demographics, allowing them to come together, create content, and grow their follower counts. According to Tapinfluence and Altimeter, 69.4% of influencers choose to create content so they can earn revenue and collaborate with brands. Zepta wanted to build a product that allows influencers to take their channels to the next level with a natural way to boost their audiences and promote better interaction between users. The ultimate aim of the app was to help influencers find connections in their industry using a new method to engage with users and reduce the hassle of manual invitations. Zepta was also keen to incorporate GPS technology to enable localised campaigns to help users in smaller regions. 


The Solution

We developed an Android and iOS app for Zepta built to accommodate the Instagram API, allowing users to log in via their Instagram account, connect with influencers and brands, search for new connections, and reach out to them via an in-app messaging tool. At a recent Zudu webinar, Lukas Haitzmann – Founder of Zepta – talked about the inspiration behind the project, saying, “word-of-mouth” no longer has the same effect it once did – influencers are the new word-of-mouth and have already made a massive dent in the East!” 

Brands, on average, make $5.20 for every $1 they spend on influencer marketing (source: Influencer Marketing Hub) and so the platform was designed with businesses in mind, too, allowing them to reach out to influencers and leverage their audience for sponsored Stories, posts, giveaways, and more. With an additional premium subscription offering for power-users, influencers benefit from even more data and can grow their audience at rocket speed.

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