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Android App Development In The UK

Choosing a company that not only offers Android app development in the UK, but offers excellent customer service and development at an affordable price can be challenging. But the truth is, in order to develop an app that your customers are going to want to download and interact with, you’ll have to spend some money and make the investment. Indeed, the average app can cost anywhere between £1,000 and £30,000 (and even upwards!) for UK businesses, according to Business Advice.

If you’re spending money on development, then it’s essential that you choose an agency that will create an app that delivers. In this article, we give our top tips for finding the right developer.


Communication is key

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when finding UK-based mobile app developers is communication. Finding an agency that will be able to respond to your questions at the drop of a hat, and be clear on their timelines and schedules, will create a more open dialogue between you and the developers, and allow you to create the very best app for your business.

The app development process should be a collaborative effort: you know your industry and customer base better than anybody else, and the app developer knows how to create apps and will have a supporting UX and UI team that will all work with you to create apps your users genuinely want to use. If a developer is too busy to answer your calls and emails and doesn’t get back to you for days on end, you may want to think about choosing another agency. At Zudu, we put communication at the heart of all we do by creating various touchpoints for our clients to reach out to the right member of their project team that can assist with their query: whether it’s a question about design, user flows, algorithmic logic, or marketing.


Look for experience and innovation

There are more UK-based app developers than ever before, with recruits joining the industry straight out of college and university to meet growing customer demand. But finding an agency that has real experience in building apps that generate results is key. Of course, you could have an app built on the cheap by a freelancer or a student, but there’s no guarantee that the app will be built with your exact requirements in mind, or generate the results you need – not always due to bad coding knowledge, but rather a lack of industry knowledge or a varied portfolio. Instead, find an agency with experience, and read case studies and testimonials to get a real feel for their work – you can read some of our recent client testimonials on Clutch.

You should also try to find a company offering innovative Android app development in UK. There has never been so much competition from both multinational companies such as Amazon and small businesses, all vying for the same customer pound. So unless you design and build an app that offers something truly different that will allow you to stand out from the competition, you may find it more difficult to gain a consumer base and require additional marketing effort to get your app to gain steady popularity. Look out for mobile app development trends, such as accelerated mobile pages (AMP), Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and augmented reality (AR) – these features might be more expensive to implement, but they’ll pay off as they’ll make your app more interactive, connected, fast, and exciting.


Zudu offers Android app development in the UK

At Zudu, we specialise in Android app development and we’re leaders in the industry in the UK. From our base in Dundee, Scotland, we can help you to design an award-winning app that will not only meet your business needs but provide your customers with a truly useful and engaging piece of software. With years of experience working on app development across Android and iOS, we believe that we are the number one choice for business owners ready to make the leap into a custom app. To find out more about what we offer, or to arrange a free quotation, click here or call us on 01382 690 080.

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