W2 Training, an internationally based learning facilitation organisation, approached Zudu towards the tail end of 2017 with a tired looking website and unrealized potential in the digital marketing sphere. As a company just celebrating their 25 year mark Zudu were delighted to be selected from an array of proposals, and show the digital world how great this company is.

From the start, we bonded well with W2 as a fellow creative organisation and we loved hearing about the really exciting projects they have been working on, globally and with some of the world’s largest corporations. It is great for us to work with a company with so many good stories to tell and the passion to engage with us throughout the project. As we always say the more engaged you are throughout the project the better it will be for the outcome at the end, and the proof is in the pudding for this one.

So let’s tell you about some of the great features which we worked with W2 to include within this unique website:

1) Hero Video

After visiting W2’s HQ just outside Perth it was suggested we could make use of a hero video to give the user an impression of personality and the expansive thinking nature of their business. Using drone footage of their location worked out a treat and still ensured the user is not distracted from the bright calls to action.

2) Calls to Action

To celebrate the huge achievement of 25 years in the making, we worked with W2 to create calls to action which highlighted their Birthday to the user without causing too much annoyance with those dreaded automated popouts. This call to action also uses cookies to make sure the user only sees them once in a period of 30 days. Read more about their exciting 25-year offer here.

3) Testimonials and Case Studies

As W2 have worked with a wide range of very impressive clients on a global scale, they have amassed a huge collection of testimonials and case studies. In order to present this to the user Zudu included several ‘social proof’ areas where projects were highlighted along with clients and testimonials.

4) Newsletter

If the focus was on digital marketing then the website could not be without a newsletter, seamlessly integrated with Mailchimp to allow them to market to a naturally obtained, and consenting list of interested parties in a cost-effective way.

5) Learning Library

In order to encourage users to visit the website and increase dwell time a learning library was included which has helpful resources and also an incentive for users to sign up to receive more.

6) Services

Learning from their history of almost zero visibility, Zudu knew that services would be fundamental in ensuring W2 were visible on search engines for the right reasons. That’s why, as part of our unique web development process, we focus on visibility from square one and have steps in place to ensure our websites not only look good but are designed for digital success.

7) Digital Marketing

Now we have launched the website the fun can begin with laser focused digital marketing activities to ensure this company gets the digital visibility they deserve. We do this via a unique 12 stage process which includes everything you need to get visible online and has proven a great success with clients such as MMG Archbold and VWS.


Watch this space to hear more about this project and W2’s digital success.


Hope you enjoyed the learning more about our project with W2. We are passionate about what we do and work tirelessly to ensure all of our clients get a high return on investment from the services we deliver. If you are thinking about developing a new website, app or extending your visibility with high ROI digital marketing then get in touch and speak to one of our expert team today.


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