mCommerce (mobile commerce) has emerged as a crucial aspect of the online retail world in recent years, and it’s little wonder. Nearly one-third of internet users use their mobile device to make a purchase each week, and 21% of device users access retail shopping apps multiple times a day. In short, consumers love to buy things from their phones.

By 2025, the mCommerce market in the UK will be worth $150 billion every year, representing 44% of all online retail sales. Interestingly, 40 million Brits will shop on Amazon, demonstrating the value of listing products on third-party marketplaces with large audiences. 

Below, the Zudu team has put together some of the reasons why focusing on mCommerce is essential for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital marketplace.


Growing mobile usage 

The growth in mobile device usage worldwide means a significant portion of internet traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. With more consumers browsing and shopping on their mobile devices, mCommerce has become a vital touchpoint for retailers, and not just on the web: according to Synchrony, nearly 70% of consumers have downloaded a retailer app.



All good businesses want to make their products as accessible as possible. mCommerce offers unparalleled convenience, allowing customers to shop anywhere, anytime. This ease of access leads to impulse purchases and frequent browsing, ultimately driving sales.


User experience 

Mobile-optimised websites and apps provide a streamlined user experience, crucial for keeping the modern consumer engaged. A well-designed mobile interface can significantly reduce cart abandonment rates and increase conversion.

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Social media 

Integrating social media with mobile shopping has opened new avenues for marketing and sales. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer seamless shopping experiences within their apps, linking directly to mCommerce sites, whilst TikTok has exploded in recent years, with live streaming proving a popular way to sell more stock. A report from Search Engine Watch found that 54% of consumers use social media to research products and services.



Mobile devices offer unique opportunities for personalised marketing. 

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Location-based services, push notifications, and personalised recommendations can enhance the shopping experience and boost customer loyalty. What’s more, personalised deals can lead to more impulse purchases and larger cart amounts, boosting your sales. 


Faster check-out 

mCommerce simplifies the transaction process with features like one-click purchasing and digital wallets. This efficiency is crucial in a market where consumers expect quick and easy shopping experiences. Some firms say they’ve seen a checkout rate increase of 250% after introducing technologies like Apple Pay and Google Pay, demonstrating the need for speed.



Mobile platforms provide valuable data on consumer behaviour, preferences, and buying patterns. This data is key to tailoring marketing strategies and improving customer engagement and ultimately helps you generate a “stickier” longer-term customer base.



Embracing mCommerce can give businesses a competitive edge.

Companies that adapt to mobile trends can capture a broader audience and stay ahead in the market. Sure, everyone has an eCommerce store nowadays, but not everyone has one that has been optimised to take advantage of the latest smartphone tools like augmented reality try-ons for clothing, chatbots to recommend products, and personalised discounts.


Global reach 

mCommerce breaks geographical barriers, allowing businesses to reach an international audience. This expanded reach is vital for growth and diversification. According to E-commerce News EU, 11% of mCommerce purchases from UK stores are made in EU markets, while 16% are made outside the EU. Tapping into those markets could serve your business well and allow you to expand and scale in new ways without breaking the bank. 


There’s no denying it: mCommerce should form part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Reach out to the team at Zudu today to see how we could help bring your store to life.

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