The latest Apple Watch has just arrived and with it, comes more functions and capabilities for users. As our devices get smarter and more connected, it’s easy to wonder how they can be leveraged for your business.

A trend you may notice yourself as you about your day is that more and more people are wearing Apple Watches, or, at the very least, some form of a smartwatch. So much so that not only are sales now outpacing that of upmarket brands, these same high-end watchmakers are now looking at how to incorporate smart features into their products. This trend seems like it can only continue, as the Apple Watch continues to offer more for its users, which encourage even more people to adopt it.

All this being said, an Apple Watch doesn’t offer anywhere near the same amount of capabilities as a phone or tablet. Its main offerings are convenience and ease of access to information. So, before you start contacting developers, the first question you need to ask is can you add value to your customers with an Apple Watch app?

Your aim should be to give your customers more than what they would get from using your mobile app alone, rather than acting simply as an unnecessary addition.

If you’re uncertain, here are the main benefits of developing an Apple Watch app for your business – whether it be for internal and external use.

Benefits for your Customers:

These benefits are based on the main functions of the Apple Watch, and how they could be used to offer more value to your customers.

Info on the Go

If your customers will benefit from regular updates, or you are a business that is driven by notifications, then an Apple Watch app will be a great investment. Given its location, your customers will be able to get the information they expect from you wherever they may be without constantly checking their phones.

Ease of Use

Simple tasks, such as messaging or contactless payments can be done through the Apple Watch. If you are able to offer similar functions through your app, you can provide convenience for your customers.

As an example, you could have QR codes to display important documents that can be scanned from the watch screen. This could be applied for any number of uses, such as health care or travel.

Health and Wellbeing

One of the most popular functions of the Apple Watch is for health and well being. It can track steps, your heart rate, sleep patterns and other information.

Utilising these functions is a great way to give value to your customers. Perhaps you could use these functions to track metrics relevant to your app/business. Or, you could use this useful info for your own purpose, such as rewarding users for milestones achieved and logged through their Apple Watch.


The Apple Watch is very useful and convenient for navigation and utilizing this is a great way to help your customers. Remember with the Apple Watch, the key is simplicity. This could be a locator app for your store locations or perhaps a tracker for deliveries.

Understanding the needs of your customers and how you can use these benefits of the Apple Watch to their advantage will ensure you can deliver a useful and popular app!


Benefits for your Employees

Many of the benefits of the Apple Watch can be used to help your employees perform their jobs too.


The use of an Apple Watch app can help with the automation of menial tasks, and boost the productivity of your staff. Speak to your team and see what things could be sped up with automation, and use an app to help free up their time for the things that matter.


Communication is essential for any business, and the convenience of the Apple Watch can make the passing of information amongst your staff more efficient. If you have an environment where you would prefer your staff are not on their phones, sending them important notifications to their watch allows you to send vital information in a timely manner. This is can be applied in a number of cases and industries!


Thanks to the location services and connectivity, an app could be used to track employees and tasks in real-time.


Final Thoughts

The Apple Watch has so many benefits and uses, however, they are limited. By understanding your audience and their needs, you can make full use of the benefits of an Apple Watch app for your business!

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