Opportunities & Challenges In The Energy Sector

Discover the latest developments in the transition to net zero, the pivotal role of technology in helping us optimise for the future, and the strategies being employed to tackle industry-wide concerns.

Zudu Whitepaper - Opportunities & Challenges In The Energy Sector 2023

“Even if we all switched to electric vehicles (EVs) overnight,
we’d still be using less electricity than we did 20 years ago.”

This whitepaper will explore the following topic areas:

Optimising Fuel Efficiency At Home

Learn more about the ways people are using connected devices to track their energy consumption and reduce energy waste, as well as the impacts of rising energy costs on UK households, and how mobile apps can help people build better energy habits.

Renewable Energy For Businesses

With a range of grants, schemes, and incentives available to businesses, there are more benefits than ever to going green. Learn more about the costs of transitioning to renewable energy and the long-term savings of making the switch.

The Rise Of EVs & The Future Of Travel

From 2030, the sale of brand-new petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned in the UK. Explore the costs associated with buying, maintaining, and fueling an electric vehicle, and how car manufacturers are improving in-car smart technologies.

Digital Tech That Will Get Us To Net Zero

Learn more about the technological advancements that are helping accelerate net zero efforts across the world and how software is helping some of the largest international corporations cut down their energy use and reduce expenditure.

IoT & The Leading Smart Energy Products

Find out more about the concept of “smart cities” and how the evolution of technology can make cities more accessible, cleaner, and safer; as well as how the introduction of additional connected devices will impact the electrical grid.

The Future Of Work In The Energy Sector

One of the biggest changes of the transition to net zero will inevitably occur in the workplace as we decommission old technology and install new upgrades, retrain workers facing redundancy, and make efforts towards closing the digital skills gap.

Zudu Whitepaper - Opportunities & Challenges In The Energy Sector 2023

Zudu Whitepaper - Opportunities & Challenges In The Energy Sector 2023

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