Zudu embarked on a development project to help companies optimise their recruitment processes and find the right candidates faster. The software aims to cut the average recruitment time for SMEs, currently 27.5 days in the UK (source: Glassdoor).

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The Brief

Born out of a desire to simplify the hiring process and bring on new members of staff at Zudu, we began work on Clussio (previously Talbase) with the aim to supercharge and modernise the recruitment process. According to LinkedIn, just 30% of companies manage to successfully fill vacancies within 30 days, and the remaining 70% take anywhere from one to four months to find a suitable candidate. On top of this, the average cost-per-hire in the UK is over £3,000, making the recruitment process daunting and challenging for small businesses. We wanted to eliminate many of the common pain points.

We aimed to develop a program that eliminated the need to inefficiently shuffle through CVs, schedule endless interviews and waste time on unsuitable candidates. The idea was to incorporate a mobile-first design that benefited recruiters and made the process of applying and interviewing for roles easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable for candidates.

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The Solution

We developed a platform for recruiters, agencies, and companies that put candidate management at the heart. With one-touch job distribution to dozens of job sites such as Monster and Indeed, automated applicant tracking, screening, shortlisting, and optimal placement; Clussio automates and streamlines the recruitment process, saving businesses hundreds of hours in manpower. The advanced searching capabilities allow recruiters to find matches and precise results in a fraction of the normal time of other search methods, whilst our built-in reporting tools help track applicant journeys and ensure everyone is on the same page. No more endless spreadsheets or team meetings: it’s all visible on Clussio.

Where our dynamic platform (which runs across desktop and mobile) really comes into its own is with its state-of-the-art video interviewing, developed to “sift the best from the rest”. Rather than asking recruiters to sit through dozens of virtual job interviews, Clussio uses 3D avatars to ask bespoke questions, humanising the process for candidates, and users can score, share, and rank recorded answers to shortlists in minutes. Plus, thanks to CV parsing, it’s easy to search for, manipulate and retrieve CVs in a pinch, and conversion software automates the storage and analysis of CVs, saving endless hours of manual processing.

To allow us to delve deeper into the recruitment industry and continue to advance the features of Clussio, we enlisted the help of leading business recruitment advisory specialist and Founding Director of Ucruit, Brian Creegan. With Brian’s help and years of expertise, we’ve been able to take Clussioto the next level and introduce new features that not only cater to the needs of a wider range of industries, but also seamlessly integrate with their current processes and help automate the tasks that hold them back.



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Brian Creegan, Founding Director at Ucruit, said: “We realised that there was a gap in the market with regards to removing bias from the initial screening process. One of the biggest challenges is that people’s CVs don’t represent them on most occasions and the sheer volume of applicants for entry-level and graduate positions. Even with modern tech, most recruiters struggle to manage CV reviews and decide who to progress. I am always mindful that by searching keywords on a CV you are minimising the talent pool.

“We were delighted to partner with Entrust Resource Solutions and Circular1 Healthcare, who used Clussio to recruit for vital roles in the fight against COVID-19.

“We’re excited about some significant improvements coming to the platform in 2021 which will give clients an easy-to-use, comprehensive recruitment tool with management information on time to hire, D&I statistics tools to improve their recruitment process saving them money and time in the process.”

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