What key google analytics metrics should I focus on?

You’ve got your business set up on Google Analytics and now you’re ready to learn how your website is performing and gather insights on your web visitors.

Are you on the right tracks?

Getting started on Google Analytics can be super exciting, and yet equally daunting. Truth is, Google Analytics is such a vast base of knowledge, many of us can get by through learning about the bits of information that are just right for our needs.

Some even set up dashboards or custom reports to help them save time (and confusion) – and there are many templates out there that exist for this purpose.

Our Google Analytics guide: Key metrics to monitor

1) Device

How is your website being viewed by your visitors? Find out how they are interacting with your business online, and how this changes over time. For many businesses, mobile overtakes the desktop for site visits. For others, much of the browsing is carried out via mobile, and the checkout via desktop. This stat will help you decide how to optimise your site to enable a seamless user experience.

Navigate to: Audience -> Mobile -> Devices

Google Analytics Guide Mobile Device

2) New vs Returning

New customers or repeat custom – where is your marketing focus? If it’s either or both, this stat will help you understand what type of visitor is connecting with you. High level of returning visits, but no increase in sales leads or checkout? You might need to investigate the user journey more carefully and optimise content for your website.

Navigate to: Audience -> Behaviour -> New vs Returning

Google Analytics Guide New vs Returning

3) Behaviour flow

About that user journey mentioned in our last stat? Here’s where you can check the drop off points and journey of visitors. You can group them based on a variety of metrics – Landing Page, Keyword or Campaign Metric – it’s one you can waste away time on if you don’t target specific metrics – but then again, it’s not a waste of time if you’re learning new things, right?

Navigate to: Behaviour -> Behaviour Flow

Google Analytics Guide Behaviour Flow

4) Top content

What is the highest visited landing page on your website? Take a look at a breakdown of your most (and least) visited pages on your site. This will help you understand the pages to bolster (or ignore) in your ongoing website optimisation.

Navigate to: Behaviour -> Site Content -> All Pages

Google Analytics Guide Top Pages

5) Bounce Rate

Lots of visitors? Great! High bounce rate? Not so great. A high bounce rate indicates that your visitors are coming onto your website, but leaving the page almost immediately, or (in some cases) without visiting any of your other pages. There’s ways to reduce your bounce rate, and we’ve listed them here.

Navigate to: Audience -> Overview

Google Analytics Guide Bounce Rate

6) Source / Medium

Where are your visitors coming from? Find out the websites, social media platforms and referrals that are guiding visitors (and potential customers) your way. This stat will help you understand your friends in the industry (or influencers) and marketing efforts that are paying off.

Navigate to: Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Source/Medium

Google Analytics Guide Source Medium


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