In the world of app development, nothing sits still for long. With millions of apps on the App Store and Google Play Store, businesses must work with their developers to add new tools and functionality to keep their software at the cutting edge. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the development trends you need to know about for 2023 to take your apps further.


The rise of augmented reality

There’s no getting away from augmented reality. Whilst AR apps once seemed expensive, and something of a pipedream, APIs and toolkits from the likes of Google and Apple have made the technology more affordable and accessible than ever before. ARKit from Appl,e for example, allows brands to utilise a powerful suite of tools and resources and harness the full capabilities of the iPhone. Brands like IKEA have used it to let customers ‘try on’ furniture in their homes with much success, and there are similar use cases in fashion and real estate.

What’s perhaps most exciting about augmented reality, however, is that Apple is planning to launch its own augmented/virtual reality headset in 2023 and, with it, a brand new operating system called realityOS. The Cupertino company has done a lot to take the smartwatch and tablet markets to the next level, and it will no doubt do the same as users embrace AR/VR.

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Artificial intelligence

AI is also on the rise, and advancements in speed and cost mean that even the most minor brands can incorporate artificial intelligence into their apps. From onboard assistants like Siri and Google Assistant that can power your app to machine learning and natural language processing, there are many ways to utilise the power of computing to make your apps easier to use and allow customers to access your products, services, and brand in new ways.

And there are lots of reasons why you should consider incorporating AI into your apps:

  1. A Microsoft study found that 44% of companies fear they’ll lose out to startups if they’re too slow to implement AI
  2. The global machine-learning market will be worth $117.19 billion by 2027
  3. The number of companies implementing AI technologies in some form has grown by 270% in the past years, according to a CIO survey from 2019

There are so many ways that AI can enhance your apps. From aiding personalisation and search to predicting user behaviour and delivering more relevant ads, AI can pay for itself in no time. Other benefits include data mining, fraud detection, object and facial recognition, improving user engagement and delivering a more secure experience for users and brands.


A focus on security

Regarding security, 2023 will be a big year for privacy. App security is much more than a nice to have or a feature that you should shout about – it’s a bare necessity, and it’s of growing importance as bad actors increasingly turn to the internet to manipulate consumers.

We’ve put together just a few app development security statistics that will open your eyes:

  • 61% of apps had at least one high- or critical-severity vulnerability
  • The FBI has reported a 50% surge in mobile banking since the beginning of 2020
  • 43% of consumers don’t use a passcode or Face ID to lock their smartphone
  • Business apps are three times more likely to leak log-in details than average apps
  • 50% of apps with 5-10 million downloads have an ongoing security flaw

As consumers become increasingly conscious of their online security, brands must work doubly hard to keep their software ringfenced. Apple’s App Transport Security (ATS) and Google’s upcoming app permissions feature will ensure your app developer is compliant.


A renewed focus on progressive web apps (PWAs)

At Zudu, we’ve discussed progressive web apps and their value. They’ve been dubbed the next big thing in the app development world, as they’re free from the usual constraints of App Stores and allow brands to have more control over what users can do on their platforms. Several brands have dropped their native apps and replaced them with PWAs, but there’s still a way to convince brands and consumers they’re the future.

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What’s perhaps most important to note is that there are challenges and threats when using PWAs. Consumer behaviour, browser support, and conflicting information must all be taken into account, but they can offer a wide number of benefits when appropriately implemented.


Localised apps

Another trend that’s expected to balloon in 2023 is location-based apps and hyperlocal apps to serve local communities. Location-based services are changing the way consumers interact with brands, and companies across travel, tourism, and navigation will piggyback off of the demand for localised apps that perform amazing things on a local level. Utilising APIs like Google Maps and Apple Maps, developers can easily create location-based apps for their users or incorporate location-based features into their apps to compete on local levels.

We often talk about app localisation on a global level – translating your content from English to Mandarin, for example, to appeal to a Chinese customer base. But hyper-localisation can help you tap into underserved micro-communities and become an authority locally.


Android Instant Apps and App Clips

Finally, it’s worth giving a quick note to both Android Instant Apps and Apple App Clips. In recent years, consumers have stopped installing new apps every day and instead are more selective. Android Instant Apps solve this problem, allowing users to instantly access the essential elements of an app – core functionality like the ability to place an order or virtually queue for a table at a restaurant – without needing to download an app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Apple offers a similar user interface with its App Clips program.

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If you’re looking for support implementing some of these trends into your app, reach out to the Dundee app development experts at Zudu on 01382 690 080. 

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