Bespoke, custom-built software solutions for your business – from customer-facing apps to internal business solutions.

Software Development

Every project we build is created in a way that will allow for future development to enhance existing features without limitations – allowing your app, web app, and website to grow with your business.

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Mobile App Development

Combining our wealth of knowledge in UX, UI, accessibility, and intelligent development, we have built a range of world-first and award-winning apps for our clients. Our highly-skilled developers are experts in creating native apps for iOS and Android, cross-platform apps for a range of systems, and hybrid apps that give your website or PWA an app store presence – complete with an optimised app store listing.

Web App & PWA Development

Web apps and progressive web apps (PWAs) have become a popular solution for many B2B and consumer-facing businesses as they offer the flexibility to manage content, as well as being accessible from any device and providing the ability to use device features beyond the capabilities of a standard website. PWAs can additionally be downloaded on devices, allowing them to run similar to a native app – learn more about PWAs in our free whitepaper available at

Website Development

We specialise in developing bespoke, multimedia websites that can grow with your business over time; allow you to edit your site without any coding knowledge; enable you to add new pages and schedule drafts to go out in line with your next marketing campaign; or manage your product inventory for your e-commerce shop.

IoT Development

Working with physical devices that need to integrate with a software system? Internet of things technology allows us to interact with our surroundings in new and exciting ways as well as making data more widely accessible. Connected, smart technology (including wearable devices) can be integrated with our mobile and web app solutions to create an all-in-one system for your business.


We recently partnered with Stripe to help pass on the agency perks to our clients: whether you’re creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store or anything in between, Stripe helps you build and scale your business online – on your website, web app, and mobile app alike through a unique suite of integrated payment products. We’ve also worked with other payment solution companies such as MangoPay to help projects in their MVP stages grow and expand, whilst helping our clients save money in the process! We’ve worked on a range of fintech projects over the years including job booking and payment processing apps for the B2B and B2C markets, as well as bringing fintech solutions to companies who were previously not online or e-commerce enabled.

Health Tech

Since our first ground-breaking project with NHS Tayside where we created Scotland’s first-ever condom distribution app, Zudu has embarked on a range of healthcare and health tech projects including asthma monitoring platforms, IoT-connected apps for colourimetric analysis, dentistry platforms for helping patients maintain healthy teeth and gums, and e-learning platforms and support services to promote mental health. We’ve also worked with fitness professionals and enthusiasts to create coaching platforms for personal trainers, booking apps for fitness classes in your local area to help improve mental and physical wellbeing, and many more. At the beginning of the pandemic, we additionally developed and donated a COVID-19 self-check risk assessment app for NHS Tayside clinic outpatients to help reduce viral spread.

Clean Tech

Zudu has built software for (and continues to support) companies in the environmental and sustainability sectors, including projects that focus on CO2 tracking, wastewater management, underground engineering and drainage solutions. We have had the pleasure of working in huge climate change areas such as COP26, and contributing to the conversations that will shape clean tech and other environmental initiatives. Our team have designed and built a range of Tech For Good projects over the years and always welcome the opportunity to support causes that make a difference, whether it’s on a local, national, or international scale.

Low & No-Code Solutions

At Zudu, we also offer low and no-code MVP design and development services, alongside our fully bespoke development options to help you scale up your project faster and make the most of limited resources. Find out more about our NCDP offering.

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