Zudu collaborated with Moovv to create a unique new app for finding local fitness instructors and attending outdoor fitness classes near you. The app is available in both English and Spanish and allows users to sign up as a fitness instructor who delivers classes, or as an individual who would like to attend sessions on a pay-as-you-go basis – all in one single app.

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Project Brief & Interview With Charlie

The Moovv Team first met Zudu on Clutch when they made an enquiry about an exciting new project in sunny Valencia, Spain! After a few design iterations and a name change later, the Moovv app was created – designed to inspire people to get active and try something new at local outdoor fitness classes. The app supports in-app payments, a map view and directions to available classes to help you arrive on time, and lots more. To give you all the insight into the app development process, we sat down with Charlie Millen from Moovv to ask about her project highlights:

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What inspired you to create the Moovv platform – where did the idea originate?

The initial idea came in the first lockdown. Santi [from the Moovv team] has a gym here in Valencia that had to close in the lockdowns and the idea of moving his classes to the park as a way to keep his customers engaged was thrown around. That then developed into “why not do that as a business, like a gym without a building?”. And that developed further into “why not make fitness classes accessible to everyone when and where they want?”. When we looked into it some more we discovered that there are loads and loads of fitness instructors offering classes in the park, and even some companies operating with a team of instructors (like a gym without machines or a building), but these individuals/companies were primarily using social media to reach their audience. This is not only a lot of work for the instructors, but also as a potential customer, it is very difficult to find what you want as they are all in different places online.

What does the Moovv brand stand for?

Flexible fitness – what you want, where you want, when you want. There is also an important aspect of community and bringing people together. Our 3 pillars are Simple, Flexible and Safe – which all apply to both people looking for classes, and the instructors (or Moovvers and Shakers as we call them!). The general tagline we feel encompasses Moovv is “Find Your Fit”. We aren’t about hard, brutal workouts and exercising until you cry. We are about the fun, endorphin-releasing, friendly, community aspect of fitness, and all the physical and mental benefits that it can bring to people.


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How did the project evolve from your initial plans & what’s next for Moovv?

Although we certainly came across some stumbling blocks along the way, at this point it hasn’t evolved massively I don’t think, but we have learned so much along the way. Now we have some learning under our belts and the app is “out there” and we are seeing how people interact with it, we expect the next phase to see some real evolution.

It is a really exciting time for us as we are seeing people responding to the app. At this point, we are deliberately restricting it to Valencia so we can prove the concept on a small and manageable market. So while Santi and I are very focused on the here and now, behind the scenes, Chris [from the Moovv team] has taken on the humongous task of doing all the legwork behind our next steps in terms of seeking investment and expansion. Alongside that, we are working with users of the app to look at where improvements are needed, generally in terms of user experience but with a few ideas for new features in discussion.

Bonus Question! What’s been your favourite Moovv class so far?

Ooh that’s a tough one! I think I would say Disco Fit – it is a dance class to 80’s disco music held in the park. It’s a great workout and it really doesn’t matter if you can’t dance (I can’t) – it’s so fun, you kind of forget anyone is watching anyway! Although I also really enjoy Yoga and Pilates, we have a lot going on at the moment so to take an hour out to release some of that tension is really beneficial – especially if it’s on a sunny day in the park! 😊

The Solution

We built a total of 3 products for our client: iOS App & Android Apps (built using React Native), Super Admin Web App Portal (built using React JS), and APIs for all three built using Node JS.

We also caught up with our development team to ask what new challenges they overcame when building the Moovv platform and these included: implementing the switch between a Moovver to a Shaker profile for the same user within the same session, as well as keeping the payment aspect separate for users who were both Moovers and Shakers! Part of what makes this so difficult is that a Moovver usually pays for classes whereas a Shaker charges for classes – when your profile makes the switch from one to the other, the payment process needs to update without any delays which can be tricky to manage, especially as Shakers should not be able to see their own sessions when they switch to their Moover account (and should not be able to pay for their own sessions!).

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