If you’re considering a new website for your business, it makes sense to browse the web and see what other companies are doing well. Perhaps a competitor has an onboarding process that is responsive and personalised, or maybe they’ve nailed corporate branding, allowing them to stand head and shoulders above the competition, putting your business to shame?

Below, we’ve put together ten web design inspiration resources to add to your list. Peruse the list, check them out, and you’ll soon be able to piece together the perfect vision board for your business website that’s exciting, engaging, and delivers a return on your investment…


Accessible Brand Colours

Although designed for U.S. businesses looking to comply with the ‘Americans with Disabilities’ Act, the Accessible Brand Colours website is a great way to see how compliant your colours are in relation to one another.

Designers can add their primary and secondary colours, and the tool will create a chart that shows how they can be best used together, suggesting similar colours to add to your brand palette for future use. At a time when accessibility in web design is more important than ever, it pays to consider the readability and accessibility of your colour scheme.


Brand New

Most new web design projects are the result of company rebranding or positioning, so Brand New should be another vital inspiration resource to add to your bookmarks.

Maintained by the Under Consideration team, Brand New showcases corporate and brand identity work and designs, covering everything from MailChimp’s refresh to the overhauling of Diet Coke. It’s easy to get lost in this rabbit hole and spend hours looking at corporate designs, but the case studies and corresponding comments section (frequented by designers and brand geeks) makes for interesting reading and can teach you a lot about what people want in a rebrand.



Calltoidea promises to “light up your imagination” with an impressive selection of templates and examples covering virtually every web design element. From footers and forms to tabs, sliders, players and support pages, Calltoidea is nothing more than a bunch of screenshots, but those screenshots have been curated to show off contemporary and traditional elements, perfect for both web developers and businesses mood boarding a new website design.


Crayon Inspire

Crayon’s free Inspire tool is home to tens of millions of websites and resources – perfect for finding web design inspiration.

Separated into categories such as High Traffic Landing Pages, Competitive Comparison Pages, and Top Website Redesigns of 2018, it is hard to find fault with this resource, although the enormity of information and number of designs available to browse means you could be browsing all day until you find what you’re looking for.

Use this website as a starting point when redesigning your website for food for thought, and you’ll soon have tonnes of ideas to bring with you to your web design meeting.


CSS Nectar

Showcasing some of the best designs on the web, CSS Nectar is a firm favourite amongst web designers and a first stop when considering a website redesign. What makes the site even more interesting is that users can vote for their favourite website design in a weekly shortlist, meaning there’s always something new for you to look at. When you’ve pressed ‘publish’ on your new website, you can submit it for instant review by the CSS Nectar design team and submission to the gallery, giving you some cheap exposure after a site relaunch.



Although Dribbble is primarily a portfolio site for freelance designers, it’s another excellent resource to add to your list if you’re looking for web design inspiration. Bursting with new designs from both the world’s most renowned and up and coming web developers, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The best part is that you can contact the designers, illustrators and web developers, so if you’re looking for help putting together the perfect website, it’s right there.


Flat Inspire

Flat web design and user interfaces take away the distractions of modern design and put your content and call to action at the forefront. With Flat Inspire, designers can see a curated gallery of the best websites sporting flat design/UI styles, giving you food for thought for your next project.

It’s easy to overdo it and go minimalistic with your website, but in today’s increasingly competitive market, Flat Inspire shows you that you can be bold, brave, and colourful, but keep it flat. Add to your favourites bar for constant design inspiration.



ThemeForest is the world’s most popular web design template marketplace, with developers creating WordPress themes, templates, plugins, and other resources via subscriptions or one-off payments.

At Zudu, we advise against using web design templates as they’re more often than not overused and make it hard for you to stand out from the crowd, but perusing some of the most popular and recent templates can serve as design inspiration and help you identify must-haves when putting together a new website for your business.


UI Patterns

Whether you’re designing a website or an app, user interface design can be tough to master, but UI Patterns is on hand to help. They have devised a series of patterns and guidelines that can be used as standard reference points for user interface designers, like getting input, navigation, data management, social interaction, and customer onboarding.

Used by brands like Google, Microsoft, and VISA, their UI patterns cards are great for both developers and businesses looking to build cutting-edge, customer-focused sites that engage and convert.


Website Style Guide Resources

When developing a new website from the ground up, taking inspiration from big brands can give you a competitive edge and help to refine your brand voice and persona.

Website Style Guide Resources is loaded with design patterns, systems, guidelines, standards, tools, and articles to help you reevaluate your project and ensure you’re sweating the small stuff, like accessibility, tone of voice, content modelling, and customer touchpoints.


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