Our Approach

Zudu’s agile development process is designed to ensure you are taken along a clear, transparent and logical journey towards creating the assets needed to engage your audience, maximise your impact and reach your full potential.

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Software Prototyping

We’ll work with you to create a visual representation of your new system across all user types, establishing guidelines & structure to provide a comprehensive look at the user journeys and interactions.

Software Development

Every project we build is created in a way that will allow for future development to enhance existing features without limitations – allowing your app, web app, and website to grow with your business.

Managed Project Teams

Zudu’s Managed Resource solutions are designed to identify areas for improvement and growth and find new opportunities to engage your users and take your business offering to the next level.

Post-Launch Market Acceleration

Alongside optimising your app or website for launch, we can also work with you post-launch to continuously optimise your online presence and help drive high-quality traffic to your website or app store listing.

“It’s a pleasure for us to work with such a varied range of clients and partners as it challenges us to bring powerful, world-class solutions to new markets with each new project we launch. Since 2014, with the customer and user always at the very core of our thinking, we’ve reached over 10 million people and helped them navigate the digital landscape through our products.”

James Buchan



The benefits of working with Zudu

We offer a flexible, transparent approach to development and value your input throughout the project stages: no matter how big or complex a project is!

Our development process is fully collaborative: we use a dedicated client portal that provides direct channels of communication between your team and ours – ensuring nothing gets lost in email chains!

Rather than waiting for the “big reveal”, you will be able to see new features take shape, test every build for quality assurance and transparency, and even share beta versions of the app with your own test group using TestFlight, Google Play Console, and more.

Goals, Structure & Plan

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Communication, Collaboration & Consultancy

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Agile, Iterative & Advanced

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Quality, Support & Performance

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What it looks like working with Zudu

Our highly refined processes and methodologies focus on ensuring that everything we develop is based upon a clearly defined strategy that draws on in-depth research and analytics rather than assumption. This allows us to create stunning digital assets and ensure they are leveraged to full effect!


Discovery Workshop


Architecture & Wireframing


Design & Prototyping


Agile Development


QA Testing


Support & Optimisation


Discovery Workshop

This stage will identify the key goals of the project and the intended functionality – gathering relevant input from both of our teams (and end-users where possible) to guide the scope, feasibility, and timescale for launch.


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