As a company that offers Android app development, we know that consumers love to interact with their favourite businesses and enjoy unique functionality through custom apps. Indeed, an app not only allows you to increase loyalty and brand awareness, but it also provides revenue streams and the ability to send push notifications, which increases the sense of urgency and encourages customers to buy more of your products and services.

But with more than 2.6 million apps on the Google Play Store and counting, it can be tough to stand out and encourage people to download your app. Google has a solution. Back in 2016, the technology giant announced plans to introduce Android Instant Apps, and although testing was limited to brands such as Periscope and Buzzfeed, the technology is now available to all developers, who can create Instant Apps that launch in seconds and offer a full app experience.

Below, we’ve put together an introduction to Android Instant Apps, and share with you some of the benefits of investing in an Instant App to sit alongside a fully-fledged app for your business.


What are Instant Apps?

Instant Apps offer the performance and experience of a native Android app, with the speed and immediacy of a mobile website. Simply put, Instant Apps look and operate like any other app on your Android device, but you don’t need to download them using the Google Play Store. Instant Apps are similar to web apps, in that once you close the app, it will disappear and won’t save any of your personal data, although developers can integrate accounts, purchasing and more.

Instant Apps were designed with one thing in mind: convenience. Today, consumers are using their smartphones to interact with more brands and apps than ever before, and so with Instant Apps, users can access content as and when they need it, without committing to a download. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest benefits of using Instant Apps for your business.


Easy to access and share

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of Instant Apps is that they can be accessed through a link. You can send out your app in an email, on social media or add a link to your website, which not only will increase the number of users, but allow your app to be shared with friends using a link. Apps will load instantaneously, requiring no downloads or signups, improving user experience and increasing dwell times, as it removes the frustration of having to download a traditional app.


Acts as a demo

While smartphones are shipping with more storage, the truth is that consumers don’t want to clutter their devices with hundreds of unnecessary apps. An Instant App can act as a trial or demo of your full app experience, and those who are satisfied and want more can download it from the Google Play Store. This assists users, who can choose the right apps, and also developers, who can analyse retention rates, remarket their app to customers, and much more.


Allows for limited-time content

For businesses looking for limited-time apps, Instant Apps could be an option. Not only are they cheaper to develop, but they can be launched within a couple of days’ notice, and removed from operation as and when required. That makes them perfect for businesses running competitions, or events-based businesses wanting a temporary app solution. What’s more, as Instant App development is easier and quicker, you can use them to test features and functionality launching it as part of your full Android app, which reduces bugs, testing time and customer complaints.


Improves your app SEO

Until now, if a user wants to find an app for their needs, they have to search through lists and the Google Play Store to find a solution. With Instant Apps, however, consumers can search for the app on Google, on the Play Store or on social media. When users then click on the app, they will be asked whether they want to open in a browser or in the App Store, which improves your SEO and allows your app to be found from more locations and used on more devices.


Android Instant Apps are new to the market, but they’ll no doubt become commonplace as more businesses begin to use them. At Zudu, we believe that Instant Apps should be an extension of your core app experience, designed as a way to generate leads and downloads and find new customers. To learn more about our app development services, get in touch on 01382 690080.

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