How App Developers in the UK Can Improve Customer Retention

Recent studies have suggested the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% while the probability of selling to a brand new prospect is 5-20%.

So why do only 18% of companies focus on retention?

While developing relationships with new customers is important, keeping them in an age where brand loyalty is increasingly scarce is a cost-effective approach to staying ahead of the competition. That’s why app developers from across the UK are coming up with increasingly innovative ways to help customers achieve this goal.

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It has long been accepted that mobile first is the way forward for businesses. Any business that wants to succeed already has a mobile friendly version of their website, which is wise considering nearly 60% of searches now come from mobile devices. Statistics show that mobile penetration rates are hitting 129% in Western Europe, and more people than ever have access to high-speed connectivity through their mobile device so it is easy to see why this move is essential. Although mobile friendly websites are only a small step in the right direction and quite often aren’t an appropriate method of retaining customers

Why not have your business in their pocket at all times?

Mobile apps have been proven to retain the focus of users longer than websites with engagement features such as push notifications and brand loyalty which websites simply cannot achieve. But it is very important to ensure that your app has a purpose beyond what a website is used for.

Firstly your app needs to offer dedicated content that satisfies the specific needs of the user. It should offer something that is interesting and engaging, and that isn’t available through your website. This might be additional rewards, or an additional service, such as the ability to track an order or one-click ordering. These type of features can also be enhanced through push notifications which allow you to communicate in real time. This means that people using your mobile app have news and offers served up right away, even before other existing customers, offering even further incentivisation to download the app.

Customer loyalty programs are still an essential part of any customer retention strategy, but it is frustrating for customers to be always searching for the right loyalty card. Employing app development companies to include your loyalty program in your app takes away this stress. It also means that the customer always has access to the points or rewards that they earn, and can spend them more easily. You could also add a gift section that allows customers to send gifts and share rewards with friends and family to your customer base in a gamified way. If your app developer combines this with access to special offers, discount codes, and exclusive services that are only available through the app, you have the perfect recipe for a happy customer.

A happy customer is one that is more likely to come back time and again, and to bring others with them. A well-designed app, that reflects your business ethos, and your customer’s needs is among the best brand marketing and customer retention tools there is. However it is essential to find the right app developer, who understands the finer details of both app development and your business if you are to reap these wide-ranging customer retention rewards.

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