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Zudu had the pleasure of working with London-based skincare specialist, Ingrid Raphael, on the redevelopment of her website and opening of her e-commerce store. The project included elements of user experience design, market research, copywriting, graphic design, and search engine optimisation (SEO); as well as advanced e-commerce features such as hidden pricing pre-login, third-party integrations, and more.

Ingrid Raphael case study

Processes: UX, Development, SEO, Launch, Hosting, Aftercare

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Project Brief

Following the initial project consultations in 2022, Zudu has been working with Ingrid to expand her online offering through the introduction of a content-rich website, an enhanced booking experience for in-person and virtual consultations, and an e-commerce store for processing sales and tracking inventory.

Although Ingrid’s previous website was also a WordPress site, it lacked the flexibility to be updated on the go; was not fully optimised for mobile; and did not reflect Ingrid’s brand or the personal approach delivered through her services. Alongside this, the old site did not have any security features installed and had unfortunately been targeted in a hack – this prompted Ingrid to also change her hosting provider and move to Zudu’s tailored hosting packages which offer additional security and protection against attacks.

The main goals of the redevelopment project were split into three parts: branding, functionality and customer experience, and marketing. Working together with our creative team at Zudu, the project also brought in additional expertise from Ingrid’s graphic designer, Sarah (founder of North Story Studio), who co-ordinated Ingrid’s rebranding; as well as copywriter, Lucie (founder of Copydots), who oversaw all of the written aspects of the site to reflect Ingrid’s tone of voice and make the site sound cohesive.

After a few drafts and tweaks, we delivered a modern, information-rich, and interactive website – fully optimised for mobile and adhering to the latest SEO and accessibility guidelines.

Ingrid Raphael case study

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Quick-Fire Q&A With Ingrid!

As the website has now been launched for some time, we wanted to catch up with Ingrid to learn more about her experience of working with us, as well as find out how the new system is working for her business and what clients’ feedback has been.

Alongside our questions, Ingrid also took part in an interview with Clutch to review her experiences in more detail and we’ve included some of those questions and responses below, too:

Ingrid Raphael case study

Q: What initially inspired you to get your website redeveloped?

A: I had rebranding carried out and my old website got hacked so had to be shut down – it was the push to simply set something new up.


Q: What is your favourite feature of the new website?

A: I like the progress section of the site showcasing progress pictures … as well as the shop – I think it will be even better once the filter / categories are streamlined making the user journey even more smooth.


Q: How has the site helped streamline your business?

A: Has saved me so much time! I am not having to reply to messages for orders / check transfers that have been carried out and write shipping labels by hand. It is so much more organised and easy to handle postage etc.

Ingrid Raphael case study

Q: What has the feedback from clients been like so far?

A: They love it! So much easier for them to order and they like the aesthetic 🙂


Q (from Clutch): Can you share any measurable outcomes of the project or general feedback about the deliverables?

A: Zudu went above and beyond the scope of work, trying in any way they could at all stages to create brilliant work and help me wherever needed.


Q (from Clutch): What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

A: All staff are caring and kind alongside being just so professional.

Ingrid Raphael case study


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Solution Summary & Challenges

We sought to create an engaging customer experience that gives users the opportunity to learn more about different products, ingredients, and skincare procedures; as well as enable clients to easily make bookings, purchase their favourite products, and more. Alongside this, we wanted to bring Ingrid’s vision of a hub for skincare knowledge to life, and make it easy to make changes to the site, add new content, and create landing pages. Within the first month of its soft launch, the website attracted over 900 visitors with a shared 14,000 actions taken on-site.

Ingrid Raphael case study

While the final design of the website deviated very slightly from the original plans, some of the changes were due to the way WooCommerce manages products, and this introduced some complications as well as bringing in previously unconsidered features. For instance, WooCommerce allowed us to display live stock quantities on the website and support backorders for out-of-stock products, which gave customers complete visibility of Ingrid’s catalogue without needing to contact her and improved customer experience. However, WooCommerce was not as flexible as expected when it came to making bulk changes to live products, so some processes had to be supported with additional plugins.

Ingrid Raphael case study

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