In today’s post, we are hoping to leverage our network and get you guys involved in a fantastic new project between NHS Tayside and Zudu. If supporting your local area and having an input into local services is your thing, then you’ll want to read on…

NHS Tayside & Zudu

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A Blossoming Relationship

ZUDU, if you don’t know us already, are a fantastically capable, innovative and results-driven web and app development company in the heart Dundee. You don’t have to look far to find local and national businesses who have worked with us on various exciting digital projects.

We have been steadily building a great relationship with NHS Tayside, an organisation that no doubt has significant impact on all of our lives in one way or another. The partnership has been based on them having a shared desire to help us all live healthier, happier lives by giving you greater access to information, interactive ways to engage with local health services and greater access to those of us with mental health challenges.


HealthCare Apps

Introducing the all new Condom App!

So no doubt you’re curious by now. What have ZUDU and the NHS been getting up to?

Well one particularly exciting project has been the release of a new ‘NHS Tayside Condom App’. This slick, modern mobile app aims to promote better sexual health across the area by giving users direct access to sources of free condoms across the city combined with key sexual health information and guidance along with some fun gamified elements to keep the target audience, young people, engaged.

We asked Richard Messitt, our Co-founder and Client Director of ZUDU what makes the app so special:

“We loved building this app. We had focus groups with young people that were invaluable and really shaped the project and we loved working with the fantastic team at the NHS. Probably my favourite thing about the app is a little bit ‘nerdy’. We are a little obsessed with Blockchain tech at ZUDU and that obsession has allowed us to come up with an innovative way to track valuable data that the NHS can use whilst also maintaining complete anonymity for each of the end users. It’s a pretty mad concept, tracking users whilst having no personally identifiable information. We think this is the way all your personal health data should be handled so we are pretty proud of that!”

The app looks great and we would encourage you to download it. You can check it out on iOS and Android here:


apple-app-store google-play-store



HealthCare Apps

Mental Health Record Keeping App!

The story doesn’t end there. Zudu have also begun working on another project with NHS Tayside but this time working on providing an app that furnishes mental health support workers with better tools for tracking the health status of their patients over time.

We asked James Buchan, our Co-Founder and Operations Director to tell us a little more about the project:

“This is a really exciting project for us. There is always something a little bit special about developing something that you know will benefit the local community and impact the lives of people you meet every day! The NHS were using paper documents to track the health status of patients with mental health issues. The main problem was that it meant they couldn’t discover trends in health records, couldn’t access key information quickly in emergency situations and crucially couldn’t catch early warning signs of a patient’s health deteriorating over time. This new app will change all that. It’s great to think we can make a difference like this.”

So, as you can see, some very exciting stuff happening. You should read on because the best bit is that there is a new project that ZUDU and NHS Tayside have started working on this week and you can help make it a success!

Healthcare App

The Latest Project

Sexual Health Tayside Website

So, the NHS decided it’s about time to revamp one of the websites in their collection. Specifically, the Sexual Health Tayside website. You can take a closer look at the current website by clicking here.

But rather than just jump into the development and get to work both ZUDU and NHS Tayside know that putting the users at the heart of development is the key to success. This project is a public service that we are all entitled to use so what better way to improve the site than ask some of our members their thoughts.

So how do you get involved?

Well NHS Tayside are keen to hear your thoughts! That’ why they have put together this online questionnaire that you can answer here.

Felicity Snowsill of NHS Tayside told us:

“We really appreciate feedback from our community. We work hard to provide the best services we can with the resources we have available and getting direct feedback is so valuable. We are hugely appreciative of anyone who would spare some time to get involved. Working with Zudu on these projects has been a breath of fresh air. They are organised, efficient and extremely knowledgeable”.


Get Involved

Be Part of the Project!

So, guys, let’s show just how passionate we are about our local community! Get involved, answer the questionnaire and we will be sure to provide you updates on what is one of the best stories from our local area in 2017 so far.

Do you have a project in mind?
Let’s get to work.