You spend months developing an eCommerce website, building up your brand and pushing consumers to visit your website, and someone finally converts into a customer. Job done, right? Unfortunately not. If you want to hold onto that customer and encourage them to buy from you time and time again, you need to work on building a relationship with them. Below, rounded up some strategies to help, designed to boost brand loyalty and drive more sales…


Thank them for their custom

Whether you’re a startup or you’ve been running an eCommerce business for years, thanking your customers for their trade can’t harm. Not only does it show that you’re grateful for their business and that you value their purchase, but it offers another opportunity to enter your customers’ inbox and remind them of your brand. Sending out a thank you email allows you to personalise your marketing messages and add a human touch in what is otherwise a very anonymous transaction. According to ConversionXL, thank you and follow-up emails experience open rates of around 40.5% and a click-through rate of 6.4%, and digital receipts saw a 65% open rate and 10.4% click-through rate, so saying “thank you” can be rewarding.


Show them how to use their product

Though you don’t need a how-to guide on putting on a new pair of jeans, some industries could benefit from sending product manuals or guides to help customers make use of their new products. Whether you sell smartphones, fitness products, or B2B equipment, issuing an email or in-app notification post-purchase on unboxing and using products can prove beneficial and demonstrate to customers that you’re there for them through the whole product journey, not just until they press “buy”. Create video guides to explain your products and use them as an opportunity to recommend complementary products and services, too.

An added benefit of sharing product knowledge is that you’ll lower the return rate. If users know how to use your products, you’ll reduce customer enquiries and eliminate frustration.


Recommend more products

Though it’s important to be conscious of frequency, sending a post-purchase email that can recommend complementary products or services can be a good way to keep the dialogue open between your customer and your brand – and encourage additional purchases.

You can send personalised product recommendations and have them appear on your app and website, too, making it easier for users to add products to their baskets. If you sell phones via an eCommerce app, you could send a “How’s your new phone?” email once it’s delivered, recommending services such as insurance and screen protector installation.


Invite them to your loyalty scheme

A growing number of businesses are introducing loyalty programs – and it’s little wonder why.

Members of customer loyalty programs typically spend 18% more than other customers, and more than half of customers will join a loyalty program if one is offered. They’re also a way to show your customers your appreciation and helps you build up a picture of your customer by collecting rich data. Send out a message post-purchase via your app, email, or in the post, and make it feel like an occasion. Pitch it as an invitation to join an exclusive club packed with rewards and benefits, and you’ll likely see many of your new customers engage with it.

Ask for their feedback


Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for customer feedback – the more of it you have, the better your eCommerce business will become. Here are a few reasons why reviews are so important:

  • 90% of consumers look at reviews before buying online (Trustpilot, 2020)
  • 76% of consumers trust online reviews they read online as much as personal recommendations (Brightlocal, 2019)
  • 57% of consumers prefer reading reviews on Google over other platforms
  • Only one in five consumers fully trust reviews on brands’ eCommerce websites

Nagging customers for a review or recommendation post-sale can seem daunting, as you don’t want to irritate them or push them to unsubscribe from your mailing list. We’ve put together tips on incentivising customers to leave reviews; follow them, be sensitive, and you’ll have no problem in building up reviews. Remember: asking for feedback shows customers you value their opinions; it’s even more important for startup eCommerce brands.


When building an eCommerce business, the focus is often on lead generation and pushing users through the sales funnel, but looking after them post-sales is just as important. Follow the tips we’ve offered above and you’ll be on your way to success. Need a hand optimising your eCommerce website and digital strategy? Depend on Zudu. Call 01382 690080 today.

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