In recent years, mobile application development has undergone significant changes, with new features and trends emerging in the app development landscape. 

From augmented reality (AR) to machine learning (ML), and from simplicity in design to the internet of things (IoT), new features have come to the forefront – and as a business owner, it’s up to you to keep on top of these trends to stay competitive and increase engagement.

In such a competitive market, unique features and design elements can set your app apart. In this article, we’ve put together some critical mobile app features that can make your app stand out… 


Use push notifications

Push notifications effectively connect directly with your audience and offer them what they want to see in your app. Unlike other notification types, push notifications are better than emails and have a higher response rate. Push notifications can be tailored for individual users, such as sending a notification that combines their favourite food items if your app caters to the food industry.

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Incorporating in-app search

If your app has a vast content database, it’s essential to incorporate an advanced search feature to help users find and access relevant content quickly. Users can search for content with keywords and phrases, making navigating and accessing the content they need easier.


Social media integration

Social media integration is no longer limited to picture sharing. 

It’s essential to incorporate social media sharing and collaboration features to allow users to communicate and connect with others. Social media integration can also positively impact your app’s reach, and growth as more users share your content.

Integrating social media can enhance an app’s functionality, enable in-app social sharing, provide ease of access for users, increase downloads, boost usage and exposure, and improve the chances of an app’s virality and popularity. 

It also provides a new revenue channel and valuable analytics data for businesses to improve their strategies and optimise promotional campaigns. Algorithms that track customer behaviour can also improve product recommendations, increasing the likelihood of sales.


Simplicity in design

Mobile app design should be simple and straightforward, with elements in proper context, space, and size.

The user experience design should be uncluttered, and the app should be easy to use and navigate. A simple UI/UX design can help companies describe the app’s navigation structure, workflow, and principles to its intended audience.

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Using machine learning in-app

Data science has now made its presence felt in many business spheres. 

In mobile app development, machine learning can improve the overall user experience and enhance the app’s functionality. Many mobile apps, such as online marketplaces or streaming platforms, use machine learning to provide personalised recommendations to users.

The app collects data on the user’s preferences, past behaviour, and other factors and uses that information to recommend products or content that are likely to be of interest to the user.

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Machine learning can also be used to analyse user data and predict future behaviour or trends.

For example, an app could use machine learning to analyse user data and predict which products will sell well in a particular region. Machine learning algorithms can be trained to recognise and interpret images and speech. This technology can be used in mobile apps to enable features such as voice commands or image recognition for augmented reality applications. Algorithms can be trained to detect fraudulent behaviour in mobile apps, such as fake reviews or fraudulent transactions.

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Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular in mobile apps, and machine learning is an essential component of their functionality. Machine learning algorithms can be used to train chatbots to understand natural language and respond appropriately to user inquiries.


Augmented reality content

Augmented reality has made a strong impact on users in recent years. 

Users are keen to experience AR in diverse applications, and developers are looking for new ways to leverage ARKit for iOS and ARCore for Android. The amalgamation of real and virtual worlds is advantageous for various industries trying to introduce new experiences to demanding users.

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