What Is A Progressive Web App? The Benefits Of PWAs

PWAs in 2022

Explore the benefits of developing a progressive web app (PWA) for your business in our free whitepaper.

“They’re just websites that took all the right vitamins” – Alex Russell

This whitepaper will explore the following topic areas:

Differences Between PWAs & Other Apps

See examples of the differences between progressive web apps, native and cross-platform mobile apps, hybrid apps, and standard web apps; as well as tips and advice for when you may want to choose one type over another.

User Benefits & Business Benefits

Dive into statistics and case studies that showcase the biggest benefits of PWAs and how users can benefit from the modern infrastructure of PWAs as well as how your business can leverage their customisation to reach new clients and markets.

New Opportunities & Potential Challenges

As part of the SWOT analysis presented in this whitepaper, we have identified exciting opportunities for developing a PWA for your business, as well as some of the challenges and risks that may arise during the early adoption stages within some niches.

What Is A Progressive Web App? The Benefits Of PWAs For Business.

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