Oralift is a ground-breaking facial rejuvenation device with international success. Zudu worked with them to develop their digital platform and marketing campaigns.

Processes: UX, Design, Development, Launch, ASO, Aftercare

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The Brief

Oralift is a well established and patent-protected device that has been proven to counteract the harmful effects of ageing and rejuvenates the face, without having to resort to surgery. Zudu were approached to develop their website and mobile app which tracks usage of the device and helps to deliver a customised programme of advice.

Typeface & Technologies

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The Solution

The platform was developed over a tight timeframe to align with a global rollout strategy. The eCommerce website was linked with the mobile app to ensure traceability and optimise the sales process. A slick platform was created to train how to use the product, track progress with statistics, track progress with images and provide instructions.


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System Uptime Hosting With Zudu


Following the successful launch of the website, mobile apps, and web app panel, Oralift chose to host the systems with Zudu and took on our managed hosting package alongside an aftercare package to maintain the consistent upkeep of the project deliverables.

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