How to use web design to increase average order values

With UK eCommerce growing almost 50% in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has never been a better time to develop an online store for your business and sell your products virtually. Whether you operate in B2C or B2B, there are serious opportunities to be had with the right marketing and sales …

Clutch Awards Zudu as Best App Developer in the UK 2021

As companies are now recognising the importance of going mobile, we are seeing new emerging trends in mobile development every day! People are using their phones more, both for work and for leisure – checking emails, sharing content on social media, watching videos, etc. – and there is an increase in demand for the security …

  • 17th Feb, 21 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps, News

5 ways to build a relationship with eCommerce customers post-purchase

You spend months developing an eCommerce website, building up your brand and pushing consumers to visit your website, and someone finally converts into a customer. Job done, right? Unfortunately not. If you want to hold onto that customer and encourage them to buy from you time and time again, you need to work on building …

What iOS ad tracking changes mean for your business

Last year, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the company announced iOS 14, one of the biggest overhauls to the iPhone operating system to date. Amongst the changes was App Tracking Transparency, a feature that gives consumers more control over the data companies hold over them, and how they’re tracked and profiled across the web. Following …

  • 15th Feb, 21 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

Why you should consider widgets when building iOS apps

Apple made a significant leap forward with the release of iOS 14 in 2020, introducing new widgets that can be placed anywhere on users’ home screens. These small app-like panes display select information, and with Smart Stack, widgets can be aggregated and scrolled through, offering a “round up” of the day ahead or an insight …

  • 21st Jan, 21 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

10 tips for designing the perfect app icon

You only have one shot at making the right first impression. Whether you’re promoting your app through pay-per-click, an influencer campaign or organically on the app stores, it’s vital that it stands out from the competition and encourages potential users to download it. But with more than two million apps on the Apple App Store …

  • 18th Jan, 21 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

App retention strategies to ensure your software enjoys success and longevity

Though benchmarks vary greatly from industry to industry, mobile apps have an average 30-day retention rate of 42%, and a 90-day retention rate of 25%. That means for every 1,000 people who download your app, just 250 will still be using it in three months’ time. Data from AppsFlyer found that retention rates of the …

  • 11th Jan, 21 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

Why you should consider a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) strategy in app development

App development is not only incredibly time-consuming, but it can be prohibitively costly for some businesses. As well as upfront development costs, often running into tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds, you’ll need to budget for marketing, maintenance, bug fixes, and ongoing product development as your application grows. Add on top of this the …

  • 21st Dec, 20 -
  • James Buchan
  • Apps

Ecommerce trends to watch out for in 2021

2020 was a year of unprecedented growth for ecommerce, with more than 30% of all retail sales in the UK now attributable to the sector. The COVID-19 pandemic may have presented new challenges to digital businesses, but it also unlocked incredible opportunities for those who were agile. Below, we’ve put together some emerging ecommerce trends …

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