Our UI and UX experts can turn any vision into a reality with interactive prototypes that allow you to experience the system’s look and feel.

Software Prototyping

We’ll work with you to create a visual representation of your new system across all user types, establishing guidelines & structure to provide a comprehensive look at the user journeys and interactions.

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MVP Discovery

Launch your project quicker by developing and launching your minimum viable product (MVP) to test the waters before going into full development. The main goal of an MVP is to develop a working product – not just a prototype – that provides immediate value to your target audience and entices them to remain invested in the product through to its next stages. Most projects will begin as MVPs as it’s easier to build on an MVP and pinpoint your vision once you’ve had some initial feedback from your target users. Learn more about MVPs in our free guide at

User Journey Mapping

Whether you’re creating a flat-structured consumer-facing platform or a multi-level tiered access system, mapping out the user journeys is one of the most crucial steps of any project. It helps outline how different users will interact with the platform and allows us to consider the ways in which the platform may need to accommodate its users. Our team of Designers, Project Managers, and Solution Architects will help you create the user flows and bring the system to life.


Shortly after completing the user journey mapping stage of the project, we’ll be ready to create the wireframes. These are basic designs that will usually include placeholders for content and will let us begin visualising individual buttons, screens, and outlining how many screens will be required as part of the user journey for each user type. While wireframes are usually quite high-level, there will be some basic design elements present and these will help pave the way for the full design stage later on where we’ll add colour and content to amplify your brand identity.


Using your brand guidelines and incorporating feedback from your team, we’ll begin creating the first true iteration of your project and allow you to visualise how all the different user types will interact with the system. By creating a full-colour representation of the key screens and touchpoints, we can prepare the project for development in the upcoming stages and also decide on the part colour will play in the interactive process – will certain colours suggest specific functionality or perhaps colour will be used to add visual, fun elements – we’ll decide during the design stage!

Agile Prototyping

The type of digital project you decide to undertake will depend on what issues your project is looking to solve – whether it’s a web app, mobile app, website, or even a combination of the three will also depend on your target audience and client feedback. As your project grows over time, we may need to revisit the prototyping stages to create the next phase of a project using agile methodologies and continuous development to roll out new features at various milestones within the development journey to give your end-users new and exciting features to look forward to and enjoy.

Low & No-Code Solutions

At Zudu, we also offer low and no-code MVP design and development services, alongside our fully bespoke development options to help you scale up your project faster and make the most of limited resources. Find out more about our NCDP offering.

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