“FORE” Business is the world’s largest golf and business networking community. This exciting business community is growing fast, generating huge amounts of new business and now offers its members access to over 100 of the UK’s best golf courses! If you’re a business owner who enjoys playing golf, networking and growing your business then you should definitely sign up for a free introductory round. No more transactional networking events where business cards rain down like confetti, instead “FORE” Business lets you build meaningful relationships over a round of golf with key decision makers! Like they say… it’s a #NoBrainer




“FORE” Business, a networking community that has generated over £14m in business since launch provides a huge range of benefits to its members. As a member you’ll get access to a monthly networking session and round of golf at your chosen course and you’ll also get a monthly “FORE” ball that you can use to impress clients or treat your employees! Awesome! Zudu were asked to make these benefits mobile with an epic mobile app for iOS and Android. The plan? To create a mobile experience that connected the entire network of business owners, allowed them to share business opportunities and helped them share rounds of golf.



Zudu’s Solution

Here at Zudu we love a project we can sink our teeth into and this was certainly one of those opportunities. We were already members of the amazing community and we absolutely love the “FORE” Business concept and ethos. Being members meant we knew exactly what the community was looking for. For starters we knew that the solution had to be on iOS and Android which made this a perfect fit for a Hybrid App Development for both platforms. With that covered we now had to design a solution that would give the members the networking tool to end all networking tools so we designed a solution that allows members of “FORE” Business to do some really cool stuff! Check out some of the awesome features:

  • Create a profile and show off your business, knowledge and skills to other business owners!
  • Grow your network by using smart search functions to track down amazing new connections!
  • Win more business by using a clever notifications system to alert you when someone on the app is looking to buy a service you offer!
  • Find awesome suppliers by posting your latest business opportunities in the app. Use a powerful network to build an awesome supply chain!
  • Play more golf! You can share and join rounds of golf all over the UK. Grow your network and improve your swing! Sweet!

If you want to learn more, check out our video demo of the app below!


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