Launching a new app in a crowded marketplace can be daunting. Data suggests that thousands of new apps make their way onto the Apple App Store and Google Play Store every day – so no pressure!

If you’re looking for a digital marketing strategy to cut through the noise and reach your target audience, you might want to consider partnering with influencers to promote your app.

You can leverage their established communities and generate genuine excitement for your app by partnering with the right individuals. Below, we’ve put together some tips.


How to find the right influencers

The most important thing to do when working with influencers is to identify those who resonate with your app and its target audience. Although it can be tempting to chase follower count – after all, the more people who see your app, the better – you should prioritise individuals whose niche, values, and content align with your brand.

Answer these questions before choosing an influencer to be sure they’re the right fit:

  • Who are you trying to reach? What are their demographics and interests?
  • Have you looked into their online behaviour? Do they align with your brand?
  • Do they follow, or have they worked with, any of your competitors?
  • Where does your audience spend their time?
  • What is their engagement rate on a typical post?
  • Do they work with many brands? Will your marketing messages get lost quickly?
  • Does their past work complement your brand message?
  • Do any of their posts contradict your messaging and core values?


Build strong relationships

Once you’ve identified potential partners, it’s time to establish a relationship built on respect and mutual benefit. Some influencers receive dozens, if not hundreds, of enquiries from brands every week, so you must get your messaging right to attract them.

We recommend a personalised approach for each influencer you want to work with. Avoid generic messages and tailor your messaging to each influencer, highlighting their strengths and why you believe they’d be a good fit.

Talk about similarities between your brand and their social networking channels, and be clear that you’re passionate about working with them. It’s also important to clearly communicate the benefits for the influencer, whether it’s financial compensation, early access to the app, or exposure to a new audience.

Transparency and flexibility are key. Clearly outline your expectations, including content guidelines and campaign goals, while maintaining space for the influencer’s creativity. It’s also a good idea not to dictate scripted endorsements. Encourage genuine experiences and honest reviews to maintain trust with their audience. After all, you want real people to use your app and to do so because they want to – long-term, sustainable growth is the end goal.


Go beyond the launch

Once you’ve found a few influencers to work with and they’ve agreed to a partnership, be sure to tag the flag for them. You can use their content on your own social media channels to add some social proof to your app, and perhaps even incorporate their comments into your landing page or App Store App Page. And remember that a successful influencer partnership goes beyond a single launch campaign.

You can foster long-term relationships by offering ongoing support: Offer resources and answer questions to ensure the influencer feels empowered to create compelling content.

If they’re a fan of your app, you could develop a long-term relationship with the influencer, becoming an ambassador or flag-carrier for your app. Actively listen to their feedback and adapt your strategy based on their insights – the chances are that they know your audience even better than you do, so be reactive and make changes according to their comments.

Measure the impact of the influencer marketing campaign through app downloads, engagement, and brand sentiment, and remember that some of the benefits will be hard to quantify initially.  Add new influencer partnerships to the mix to see what works best for your brand and feel free to experiment – not every collaboration will be fruitful, but putting your new app in front of engaged, loyal audiences will be a valuable way to boost downloads.


Wrapping up

By following the tips we’ve outlined above, you should be able to leverage the power of influencer marketing to promote your new app and reach your target audience. Remember, building genuine partnerships based on mutual respect and clear communication is key to achieving success in the ever-evolving world of app promotion. If you’re looking for help with the development or promotion of your own app, reach out to the team at Zudu for a chat.

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