In today’s time of remote and hybrid working, communication between employees has never been more important. Although we’re increasingly relying on apps like Slack and Zoom to stay connected to colleagues and clients, developing your own custom software or app could be an alternative worth considering. Below, we’ve put together some of the biggest benefits.


Boosts engagement

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of building an internal app for your business is to boost employee engagement. Developing an app that meets employees’ needs, streamlines and automates repetitive and monotonous tasks, and keeps staff connected throughout the day could make or break engagement and productivity rates. A good app will allow your staff to connect with their managers, colleagues, human resources department, marketing team and more, boosting their engagement and making them part of the team, wherever they are.


Sets a standard for your business

Another reason why an increasing number of companies are investing in custom apps for their business is that it sets the tone and a standard for their organisation. Not only does it modernise your business and help you demonstrate to staff that you’re innovative and care about the future, but it breaks down the barriers, helping you shape your company culture. Whether you host corporate live streams on your app, offer a rewards or incentive program to staff, or let staff clock hours and overtime from their phone, there are endless benefits.


Reduce bloating on devices

Although modern smartphones and tablets are capable of storing thousands of applications and running dozens at once, it’s not user-friendly for employees to have to juggle different software and responsibilities every day. An internal app can combine human resources, new employee onboarding, workplace safety training, employee benefits, going training and development, news and announcements, schedules and rotas, live chat functionality, an employee directory, a company/product/service directory, location information on offices and suppliers, and sales, marketing, and manufacturing literature needed for everyday tasks.

The list is virtually endless – and combining them all into one resource will reduce the bloat on devices, keep employees focused, and in time cut costs associated with third-party tools. Everything can be accessed in one place, and it’s always secure and always updated.


Appeal to a younger workforce

Businesses are increasingly struggling to attract and retain millennial and Gen Z workers, but it’s no longer possible to grow or scale your organisation without incorporating the largest subsections of the workforce into your business. It’s important that your company not only appeals to customers but new talent, too. Modern workers were brought up in the digital age and expect companies to embrace new technologies. By giving them tools and interfaces that they’re familiar with, they’re likely to perform at their best and stay loyal to your brand.

Don’t forget that attracting talent can be expensive, and for every employee that leaves, you have got to start the process again. An app will not only make your employees’ work more attractive, but create a culture that breeds collaboration, communication, and embracing the future. Custom apps can even be used to streamline employee onboarding processes.


Monitoring and tracking

Whilst you don’t want to track your employees’ every move, looking at where they are and how long they’ve been there, custom applications installed on company devices can be used for monitoring and tracking purposes. For instance, an app can help you determine how long an employee has been using their device, who they’ve been speaking to, and which apps and services they’ve been accessing. This remote monitoring is a great time-saver and can even help your managers identify problems, challenges, and opportunities in your business.

For instance, if your staff are consistently struggling to sell a new product, you might review your sales pitches in your app and decide they need tweaking. You can then immediately deploy a new sales pitch, script, or process and have sales executives test it out in real-time.


Delivers a return on investment

There are many benefits to developing a custom app for your business, including increased engagement, productivity, and profits, alongside lower turnover rates, better relationships with management, and lower training and retention costs. By working with a reputable app development company such as Zudu, you can develop a state-of-the-art app that meets all of your needs and evolves as your company grows. Rather than depending on systems like Salesforce, Slack, and HubSpot, your custom software can be tailored to your exacting standards, and you don’t need to worry about software providers increasing fees, downtime, or cutting essential features that your business relies on. A bespoke approach is often best.


If you’re looking for help developing an internal app for your business, reach out to the award-winning team of app development experts at Zudu today on 01382 690080.

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