Zudu's MVP Guide

Reduce risk and launch your app quicker using our award-winning minimum viable product (MVP) strategy.

Zudu Guide - Launching Your MVP

“The main goal of an MVP is to develop a working product (not just a prototype) that provides immediate value to your target audience.”

This guide will explore the following topic areas:

What Is A Minimum Viable Product?

How a well-enacted MVP strategy can save you time and money long-term by optimising your product for your end-users from the onset of the project.

Identifying & Understanding Needs

Explore real-life scenarios in our guide to help you understand how to effectively gather data about your users and research their pain points.

Mapping The User Journey

Learn about the importance of creating research-backed personas, defining your user types and determining hierarchies, and mapping out how it all comes together.

Zudu Guide - Launching Your MVP

Zudu Guide - Launching Your MVP

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