Zudu are delighted to announce our recent project, Moovv, has been named the June 2022 Platinum winner in the Best Mobile App Contest!

The Platinum Award is the highest achievement in the Best Mobile App Contest and is decided by the Best Mobile App Award judges, combined with votes from the general public (where only one vote can be cast per IP address). 

Judges assess all entries based on the app’s features and functionality; the creativity, originality, and design of the app idea; how well the app services its purpose; and much more. Previous nominees and winners of the Best Mobile App Contest include My DHL App and MyFitnessPal.

Speaking about the award win, James Buchan (CEO at Zudu) said: 

“It’s very exciting for us to see newly-launched apps like Moovv receive international recognition through the Best Mobile App Awards. It was a pleasure for us to work with Moovv and to challenge ourselves as developers to build such a multi-faceted app that is capable of processing secure payments and switching account types completely seamlessly. As developers, it’s incredibly exciting for us to delve into this area, and I hope existing and future users enjoy the features we’ve built. 

“We also want to thank the team at Moovv for making us a part of their journey and we look forward to releasing phase 2 of the project which includes a web app where users can search for sessions on a desktop device prior to booking in the mobile app. Once completed, the web app will be available via the Moovv website.”


About Moovv

Moovv is a unique new app for finding local fitness instructors and attending outdoor fitness classes near you. The app is available in both English and Spanish (having first launched in Valencia, Spain) and allows users to sign up as a fitness instructor who delivers classes (also known as a Shaker), or as an individual who would like to attend sessions on a pay-as-you-go basis (also known as a Moovver) – all in one single app. Users can also use a single login to switch between their instructor profile and their personal profile so they can enjoy participating in sessions without having to keep track of two accounts.

The idea behind Moovv came during the first lockdown in 2020 when the Moovv team – made up of Charlie Millen, Chris Millen, and Santiago Lopez-Sors De Maruri – decided to develop a way to make outdoor fitness classes more accessible, especially as gyms were closed. After doing some initial research, they discovered there were many fitness instructors struggling to fill their classes as they did not have a platform to connect with clients and were using social media to try to spread the word about upcoming sessions.

Find out more about Moovv and see the award winner’s page at: https://bestmobileappawards.com/app-submission/moovv.

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