Designing a product from scratch for our clients always comes with its own unique set of challenges. However, as we are not restricted by templates, our development and design teams are able to create something truly personalised for each and every customer.


Two of our latest projects demonstrate our team’s ability to adapt and overcome tricky design and functional challenges without compromising the quality of our work.


Our first partner was a biotechnology company that just underwent a full rebrand. They needed a WordPress website that prioritised responsiveness and SEO as their clientele were increasingly using mobile devices to find and access their site. This meant keeping the assets light and the content efficient so visitors could quickly scan the site for information and receive help with their query – encouraging them to process through the sales funnel.


The second partner was a tenant management company that hired us to build an app that utilises NFC technology, GPS, instant messaging, and payment processing (both B2C and C2C). With large-scale projects like this which feature many user touchpoints, we like to spend extra time planning through the development stages so we can understand the client’s vision, as well as their industry and the users’ requirements.


Our ability to understand the client’s target market and analyse each user journey allowed us to review every aspect of the app and build an elegant solution that answers all the “what if” and “but what happens when” questions which often arise! It was our ability to keep such things in mind throughout the project that pushed our partner to post a glowing five-star Clutch review regarding our work with them.


Screenshot of a recent project review with 5 star rating


Clutch is an online ratings platform that caters to the B2B market using a unique verification method ensuring that all of the content on their site comes from legitimate sources. Thanks to these reviews, Zudu has also been featured on The Manifest, which is something we are very proud of.


The Manifest is a business data aggregator platform that includes company listings and reviews into their formula for creating ranked listings of top performers in every industry. We are very thankful to each and every person who has played a part in helping us achieve these milestones this year, placing us amongst the Top App Developers in the UK for 2020.


Development and design have their challenges, and half the fun is overcoming them! If you have a unique set of obstacles that require a creative solution, or simply have a project idea in mind with no idea where to start, we’d love to hear from you. We’ve shown others what we can do – it’s time you experience it first-hand.

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