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Creating memorable digital experiences is key to creating long-lasting relationships with your clients and staff, as well as attracting the attention of others in your industry – making you the leader others look up to.

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Website Design & Development

Having an online presence goes beyond your homepage. We specialise in developing bespoke, multimedia websites that can grow with your business over time; allow you to edit your site without any coding knowledge; enable you to add new pages and schedule drafts to go out in line with your next marketing campaign; or manage your product inventory for your e-commerce shop.

Mobile App Development

Combining our wealth of knowledge in UX, UI, accessibility, and intelligent development, we can build native and cross-platform apps for enterprises and consumers alike. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with clients across a range of industries, including healthcare, travel, fitness, food & drink, fintech, recruitment, and many others.

Web App & PWA Development

Web apps and progressive web apps have become a popular solution for many B2B and consumer-facing businesses as they offer the flexibility to manage content, as well as being accessible from any device and providing the ability to use that device’s features beyond the capabilities of a standard website. PWAs can additionally be “downloaded” on devices, allowing them to run similar to a native app.

Connected Devices & IoT

Working with physical devices that need to integrate with a software system? Internet of things technology allows us to interact with our surroundings in new and exciting ways as well as making data more widely accessible. Connected, smart technology (including wearable devices) can be integrated with our mobile and web app solutions to create an all-in-one system for your business.

Digital Marketing

There are many digital marketing techniques that can be employed to drive the growth of your business, from organic search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns to pay-per-click (PPC) ads or app store optimisation (ASO). At Zudu, we offer a range of services that can complement your existing marketing activities and deliver further ROI as well as improve customer experience. We take the guesswork out of marketing by using a data-driven approach to help deliver high-performing campaigns.

Go Global

When starting local, dream of taking it global sooner. Speak with our team about worldwide opportunities and breaking into new markets overseas with translated or localised content and apps, international digital marketing campaigns, and business advice on how to successfully reach your target audience abroad.

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