Zudu’s latest Web App Development project sees us revolutionise the way businesses can protect their staff and their premises from the risk of fire, in partnership with Assessed Risk Ltd.  This powerful platform provides fire safety training in the form of e-learning so your staff know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency and also takes the tedium out of completing fire safety reports by allowing you to do them digitally on a tablet device whilst on the move!

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Assessed Risk Ltd approached us looking for a bespoke solution to a problem that almost all of their customers face: how to properly protect their premises and most importantly their staff from the risk of fire.

It is an interesting time to write this post given the high-profile fires that have unfortunately caused the UK much heartache and anguish this past month. Overwhelmingly it seems that the general consensus is that these types of tragedies can and absolutely must be avoided. Unfortunately however, what we have learned from these events is that consistent failures have been apparent across multiple agencies and people who should have taken more responsibility. What is apparent is that there is unlikely to be one single point of failure that can be blamed for these terrible events with failures in duty of care spanning multiple political parties, multiple governmental agencies, parts manufacturers, landlords and investors.


Greenfell fire


Without the ability to apportion responsibility, how do we ever hope to make our buildings and premises safer? More importantly, if you’re a business owner with the responsibility of keeping your staff safe from harm, how do you plan on avoiding the same grave mistakes? Simply hoping for the best is clearly not good enough.


Assessed Risk want to help business owners and those in these positions of responsibility to do a much better job than we have seen in the recent events that have unfolded. To do that they approached us to discuss how to better equip business and property owners with the tools they need to meet their duty of care whilst also making it a straightforward an intuitive process to become ‘fire safe’. The project’s aims were to develop a fully mobile responsive Web Application that allows business and property owners to ensure they are compliant with their legal requirements to keep their premises ‘fire-safe’. Beyond this aim the goal was also to allow all members of a business to get adequate fire safety training to ensure that should the unthinkable happen they are prepared and armed with the knowledge that can and will save unnecessary loss of life.

A Web App Development Project was quickly identified to be the most effective way of allowing businesses to take more ownership of meeting their fire-safety requirements without making the process unnecessarily arduous.


Fire Safety Web App Development


ZUDU’s Solution – Mobile Responsive Web App Development

Fire Safety Reporting

Everyone is busy. We rarely hear people say they “don’t have much on at the moment”. With this in mind we knew we had to make fire safety reporting fast, intuitive and easy to complete. We developed the web application to be fully mobile responsive. The result? Fire Safety officers can now complete their building’s fire safety reports on a tablet device on the move. That means no more carrying clipboards around whilst doing an inspection of the building, no scanners, printers and wanton waste of paper. It also makes sure these very important documents don’t get lost or discarded and that there is always an effective audit trail. Furthermore it can give users all these benefits whilst also saving significant amounts of time.

It doesn’t have to stop there. If this product is developed out further then fire safety reports could be stored on a public blockchain and the UK could move to a system that made sure all buildings were fire safe and the information publicly available to ensure compliance was enforced. This would drastically reduce the frequency of devastating fires being seen across the UK’s built environment.


Being able to complete necessary fire reports for your building is extremely useful but the app goes even further in it’s efforts to protect your premises and your staff. Making sure the building is compliant is great, but what about staff? Despite following all the fire safety checks you are meant to follow sometimes fires will start, they are never going to be completely unavoidable. So if we accept that fires can and will happen, even when we take precautions, then we must make sure to give the employees and residents under our care the proper training to be able to properly protect themselves if the worst happens.

The app addresses this issue by offering an intuitive e-learning system that any business can set up and run within minutes.


Fire Safety E-learning Web App Development

Courses are designed by the specialists at Assessed Risk to ensure that you can train any number of your staff using their system. The e-learning interface is clean and engaging and borrows elements of gamification to ensure we make the experience pleasurable and more importantly, memorable. The system will allow you to invite any number of users to complete the courses and will allow you to track response rates, scores and will highlight the need for further training if required.

The best bit? If your users pass the test we will reward them with a certificate to show that they are now proficient in fire safety by passing a course created and designed by fire safety specialists.

Time to make sure you’re fire safe? Then all you need to do is head over to and sign up! It’s as easy as that. You will then be contacted by a specialist at Assessed Risk and will begin your journey to a safer future.


This project represents a fantastic example of how technology can make our lives easier and more efficient whilst also making sure we stay safe and that our built environment is tailored to our ever changing needs. If you are looking at embarking on a web app development project to improve your operational efficiency, or perhaps developing a product that allows your customer base to do the same then we would love to hear your idea so make sure you get in touch!

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