When was the last time you updated your website? It’s a task many businesses avoid. And it’s understandable. Creating a new website can often be time-consuming and resource heavy, but if left neglected, websites can also lose you business.

In this article, we list some of the things that might indicate you need a new website or at the very least, help you understand the next steps..

#1 Responsive

Smartphone adoption among UK adults rose to 85% as of mid-2017. It’s a huge rise, considering 5 years ago the adoption was at 52 per cent (Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2017). If your target customer is between 18 – 45, then this percentage is over 90 per cent. Oh and mobile web usage? That overtook desktop back in 2016. Not only is the smartphone a popular consumer electronics device, it’s also the most used when consumers are browsing websites.

New Website

If you have a presence on social media or are planning to, having a responsive website is then also a must. And did we say how they perform better in Google’s SEO rankings? Our list could go on….

#2 Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of people who come to your website and then say goodbye before staying to check out some of your other pages. It basically means that your website doesn’t have the staying power to keep visitors and retain them – especially bad news if yours is an Ecommerce website or integral to your sales process.

If you know you have a high bounce rate, you may also have a plan to create better content. But how easy it is to reach this content is based on your site navigation and user experience, which often requires a small redesign or an altogether new website.

#3 Clarity

“But what do you actually do?” or “What makes you different from other companies?” Is that a question you’ve often come across? Alongside a verbal explanation, a good website highlights your business as well your best advocate would. If your website has stacks of content, information and yet your visitors are still left asking the above questions, it might be time to rethink your website design. Think about what questions your customers might have when they visit your new website, what they are looking for and create a destination that offers this effectively.

#4 It’s difficult to find

Ever tried Googling your website and your competitor turns up first? Us neither *cough* but it’s something that’s often a sign that your website needs some focus on its SEO. It’s essential, not only because your website isn’t being found by the people who are looking for it, but because you might be missing out on new customers.

#5 Customer [un]friendly

Customers today want more than just a friendly website. They want great customer service. And often this can start before they make a purchase or speak to your team. Businesses are beginning to utilise technology that allows them to instantly connect with visitors as they are browsing your site – how great is that? And with chatbot technology, they’re even able to design conversations around their needs. In both instances, they’re providing added customer value that traditional websites aren’t able to support.


Is it time for a new website? Call us and let us know. We’ve supported businesses across the UK to make the right decision for them – and we’re happy to help you too.


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