No matter your business, whether it’s delivering a product, service, or app, marketing is essential for your success. Unfortunately, simply developing an app and posting on an app store isn’t enough to get the results you need. 

This is why you need plenty of tools at your disposal in your marketing arsenal. One effective tool that is overlooked when marketing apps is influencers. Influencers can do more than push supplements or sell clothes at a festival, they can also help to promote your app as well! 

If you’re not sure how influencers can help to promote your mobile app, don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here is your complete guide to using influencers to market your app. 


Understand your Target Audience

This is a crucial step that is often overlooked. Performing any marketing activity without a target market in mind is like running ads for a store in a country where they have no shops. It’s a waste of your time and more importantly, your budget. 

So, first things first, you need to get to know your target audience. When designing your app, you likely had a group of people in mind. This is where you should start. Before you get too carried away, there is one important thing to remember; No matter how many people your app may appeal to, your market needs to be specific. 

For example, marketing to men aged between 22 and 28 is much easier than aiming at working professionals between 20 and 40. This is because having a smaller segment means that your activity will be more specific and therefore is likely to be more effective. Whilst generic campaigns may be great for awareness, they don’t always bring in your desired conversions. 


Understand what channels to go to

Once you’ve narrowed down your target audience, it’s time to figure out where they are. This will help you to be more effective with your activity and choose the right influencers for your app. 

No two social media channels are the same. Twitter, for example, has an older audience and has more male users. Conversely, TikTok is very popular with young people and its audience is predominantly women.

Try to capture what channel or channels, your audience is most active on before simply choosing an influencer on a whim. 


Understand when you want an influencer to help

Influencers can help at various stages of your app’s development. They can help to build hype before its release, they can drive traffic to a launch date, or they can promote it once the app is up and running. 

Understanding when you need from an influencer will determine your strategy and the activity you get them to do. 


Take the time to find the right influencer for you

Now that you’ve determined these crucial steps, it’s time to find your influencers! Depending on your strategy, and budget, you may look to use one influencer at a time, or a few at once. 

If your app has a broad appeal, such as a retail app with products for both men and women, you may run separate campaigns with a different influencer for each respective market. 

If your app is more niche, such as a game, then you’ll want an influencer that generates gaming content that is enjoyed by your target market. 

It’s important that the influencer isn’t just a match for your audience, but your brand as well. If the content they create doesn’t match your brand, this will do more harm than good. So if your brand is quirky and fun, find an influencer that creates content in this way. 

Alternatively, if your brand is a bit more on the serious side, then you’ll of course need an influencer to match. 


Watch out for Red Flags

There are a few things to keep an out for when selecting your influencer. These are the red flags to look out for: 

Low engagement: Some accounts have high numbers that give them the appearance of an influencer. However, their engagement can tell a very different story. The point of an influencer is that their audience listens to their recommendations – such as your app – and takes action. So when reviewing candidates, be sure to check their engagement levels, not just their followers. 

Fake followers: Despite the best efforts of social media channels, there are countless profiles with fake followers (bot or fake accounts) used to boost their numbers. This is often easy to spot when you take a moment to study someone’s account. Low engagement, for example, is often a sign that someone has fake followers. 

Inappropriate content: If an account is posting inappropriate content, it runs the risk of being deactivated. An inactive account is bad news for your marketing strategy. Keep an on your influencers of choice to see the type of content that they’re posting. 


Create your campaign with the influencer

Now that you’ve done your research, pitched to, and found your influencer, it’s time to create your campaign! Don’t be afraid to have fun, but don’t go off-brand. It’s all about getting more downloads or purchases of your app. 

By following this guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect influencer to promote your app in no time! 

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