Further to the business benefits of PWAs, there are also numerous benefits for marketers! One of the main advantages is, of course, that one single link can be used by any client, on any device, to access your brand offering – there’s no need to create lots of QR codes for different app stores, or direct users to download an app only to discover their device is not compatible! PWAs offer an all-encompassing, always up-to-date, business solution. 

SEO & Brand Awareness

PWA pages are fully indexable by search engines, so while your app may not be able to take advantage of app store optimisation (ASO) on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, it will still be able to take full advantage of standard search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices, helping you rank on Google and/or any other search engine of your choice. 

The usual tasks of generating sitemaps for Google Search Console, or adding alt-text to your images and links for improved accessibility can be easily achieved through a PWA, and you’ll also have the option to edit page titles and descriptions to include keywords that help boost your rankings.

SEO provides fantastic opportunities for growing your brand organically and can also easily be paired with a paid search engine campaign through Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, or even a social media campaign through LinkedIn, Facebook, or other platforms.

A/B Testing & Behaviour-Based Content Recommendations

PWAs can measure a range of factors and use smart algorithms to update content based on users’ intent and behaviour – allowing you to perform A/B testing on new landing pages to see what works best for your brand and improving your offering over time with the help of automation and user insights. 

Content can be adapted based on the user’s location, preferences, interests, and more – providing a tailored experience to clients and increasing conversion rates for businesses. PWAs also provide support for account hierarchies, allowing you to provide a different experience to your paid vs free users, or to new visitors who are discovering your site for the first time.


Google Ads & Remarketing

As we’ve seen so far, progressive web apps are suitable for any industry and can be used to create internal platforms for your company or client-facing landing pages or e-commerce enabled sites. As PWAs can be built to support live inventory updates, you can also use site and product page inventory feeds to create remarketing campaigns in Google Ads and/or other advertising platforms.

Google will additionally be able to scan your website for images that can be used in Display Ads or even to enhance your Search Ad campaigns with preview images directly in search results. There are also many opportunities for creating link tracking tags and more that can help reconnect with visitors throughout their online journey.

Email marketing also becomes easier with PWAs as triggers can easily be set up in the code to send automatic emails and reminders to your clients based on the content they’ve interacted with. As an added advantage, you can also send push notifications to clients who have opted in, reaching them instantly through their phones or desktop devices, which is increasingly becoming the preferred option for many consumers as they’re reading emails from unknown addresses less often and want to see short, quick messages rather than long-form correspondence from brands. 

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