The Brief

Interview People Online is an innovative UK based recruitment technology company that has developed a stunning innovation in candidate shortlisting.

The Interview People Online system allows recruitment companies to find dramatic efficiencies when shortlisting candidates, attract better quality candidates and ultimately fulfil the needs of their customers much better and faster than ever before.

So how does it work? Well, done are the days of shortlisting candidates the old-fashioned way by pouring through mountains of CVs, scything away almost indiscriminately, inevitably missing great people whilst trying to get down to a manageable list.

Instead, with Interview People Online you allow candidates to take preliminary video interviews remotely! This innovative solution allows you to program 3D avatars to ask questions of your candidates via your website and allow them to provide video answers via webcam.

You can now shortlist much more efficiently than ever before by watching a much more accurate representation of a candidate’s abilities than an old-fashioned CV. Share these videos with the employer and in no time, you have found the perfect hire!

Amazing, right? So where do Zudu come in? Well the technology is fantastic but when Interview People Online approached us the technology was held back by one nagging issue; it wasn’t mobile! Zudu’s challenge was to develop a mobile app that made this solution more practical for the world’s remote workforce. With a mobile app interview people, online could allow recruiters the world over to hold remote interviews via mobile phones, tablets and desktop.

Finding the right candidate just got a whole lot easier!

Zudu’s Solution

Zudu set about developing a mobile app that would match the real innovation being delivered by the desktop software.

Applicants are given between 2 and 5 minutes to answer questions as decided upon by the client and the recruitment consultant. These questions are either custom made or are selected from Interview People Online’s question bank of over 2000 tried and tested interview questions.

Once an interview is designed a 3D avatar asks the questions of the participating candidate. The answers the candidates provide via their device’s camera are then automatically delivered to the employer and the recruitment consultant.

We developed a simple, intuitive interface that allowed candidates to interact with the 3D avatars via their front facing camera. The questions are clear and easy to understand and keen attention was applied to the UX – an organised and uncluttered environment that would allow candidates to perform at their best when responding to questions.



This straightforward process did however present a few key challenges. One major challenge was the transmission of several videos from a candidate’s device to Interview People Online’s servers. Having the user wait for the file to upload in between every question would be tedious. Unless you are trying to hire the most patient employee in the world this simply wouldn’t prove effective.

We solved this by developing a system whereby previous answers to questions would be uploaded in the background while candidates answered the rest of the interview. This elegant solution, combined with some nifty optimisation means that candidates will never wait more than a minute at the end of the interview to submit their response!



This successful project has given Interview People Online a powerful new tool in their arsenal, has allowed them to contract with some high-profile clients and deliver a unique, world-beating recruitment solution.

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