Software updates are always exciting. They bring with fixes, patches, and most importantly, new features. Google has a new update around the corner and it promises its users a number of new features.  Currently forecast to go live in the coming months, Android 13 will bring with it some exciting features that aren’t just exciting for consumers, but businesses too. In this post, we’ll explore our top 5 Android features and what you need to know about them.


QR scanner

During the pandemic, QR codes came to the rescue. They allowed us to order food when eating out, view menus, and present important documents as we looked to minimise our contact with others. This experience was smooth for some, however, for some Android users, it was often clunky.

The good news is that Android 13 has made scanning QR codes easier! The quick toggle function that once failed to work now works smoothly. This means that you can open the inbuilt scanner through a quick toggle, rather than opening a separate app.

From a business perspective, this means that more users can access the information and complete tasks that you offer via QR code.


Multi-user Contactless NFC Payments

Contactless payments made through NFC were a game-changer for life both after and during the pandemic. During the pandemic, NFC payments meant that we could purchase what we needed safely. After the pandemic, it means that we can make payments in-store or online with a simple tap rather than having to fumble with your wallet and cards every time you want to make a purchase.

Android is offering users more with a new addition to its contactless payments. Normally, only the main profile user would be able to make NFC payments. However, with Android 13, multiple profiles will be able to use the feature. This will be especially welcome for users who share a device, such as families or couples.



The once-beloved feature Android Beam appears to be making a comeback. This feature allows  users to send files, links, and other items between devices with ease. A new and approved feature seems to be on the Android 13 horizon under the codename “Media TTT”, although it is believed that it will be launched officially under a different name.

Although this may trivial for users, it opens up a huge opportunity for businesses. For example, you could this function to transfer files quickly between staff, or even from a company device to a consumer. This could be a contract, receipt, or a digital product that has been purchased – such as an NFT.


Opt-in Notifications

Similar to iOS, newly installed apps will now have to explicitly ask for permission to send notifications to users. Currently, it appears the only options will be binary. That is, users can either opt-in or opt-out entirely from receiving notifications. Be aware this may change in the future as more details come to light.

From a business perspective, this is important. Notifications are a vital function for many apps, especially for marketing. If users aren’t getting your notifications, this could reduce your sales and the performance of your app.

This means that you need to provide a compelling reason for people to allow notifications for your app. Otherwise, you may see a dip in your performance as users won’t be getting these vital notifications.


Themed App Icons

This is a feature that was introduced in Android 12 but is getting some additions with Android 13. With Android 13, Android is adding colour-themed icons for all apps. This means that app developers will need to have a monochromatic app icon and update the icon XML to allow for themed app icons as well.

If your app doesn’t meet these criteria, you have issues getting it published on the Google Play Store. Furthermore, it’s important to consider this aesthetic when designing your app icon. Ask yourself if your app icon is eye-catching in both full colour and monochrome. If not, it may be time to give your app icon a facelift.


Final Thoughts

Whilst this is just the tip of the Android 13 iceberg, we certainly think that these are the most noteworthy features for businesses. The most important thing to keep an eye on is what features will be most relevant to your customers. Reach out to the app development experts at Zudu to see how we could help you utilise them.

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