Enterprise Apps

How can enterprise apps help your business?

  • As businesses grow they build processes on top of processes. Over time this leads to inefficiency and unnecessary cost. Enterprise App Development can enable your company to unlock the efficiency and agility of a start-up. Use the mobile revolution to re-invigorate the way you run your business.

  • Give your employees the tools they need to succeed. Enterprise apps empower your customers and enable them to delight your customers. Give your employees instant access to inventory, important documentation, client communications, sales info and even each other and dazzle your customers with your slick operations.

  • Enterprise Apps are designed to deliver ROI as standard. By digitising your business we can save you countless hours, unnecessary spend and lost opportunity throughout your business. Invest in your business today and reap the rewards year after year. The improvements you make now will secure your business for the future.

Consumer Apps

Why develop a Consumer Mobile App?

  • Consumer Apps can increase both the volume and value of sales from your customers. We can even create entirely new revenue streams for your business. What opportunities could you be missing? Zudu will help you identify excellent opportunities to grow your business with a mobile app development strategy.

  • Developing a Consumer Mobile App for your business can do much more than just increase your exposure. By developing highly engaging mobile experiences we ensure you create loyal customers who make repeat purchases, ignore the competition and promote your business to their family & friends.

  • A web presence is a great start but if you want to take your brand to the next level then developing a mobile app will reveal dramatic opportunities for growth. Appearing in major app stores gives you exposure to billions of active consumers interested in your products and enables you to cement your position as a leading, trusted consumer brand.

Our App Development Expertise

We approach mobile app development by first analysing your industry, business model and defining key measures of success.

Productivity & Tools

Combining our knowledge of beautiful design and intelligent development, we develop apps that help your customers organise their work, travel, and homes.

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Mobile Commerce

Zudu’s expertise in UX and Gamification ensures your customers stay engaged, can check-out quickly, find complimentary products and enjoy their shopping experience.

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Social & Communications

Zudu have the expertise to enable your customers to connect with one another, become brand ambassadors and even help with customer queries.

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In a busy online world it pays handsomely to give your audience augmented and creative new experiences. Work with Zudu and break from the pack.

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Sectors we serve

Our expertise stretches across a range of different industries


We are experienced providers to the NHS. We understand what it takes to develop a robust, secure and effective healthcare application.

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FinTech is becoming increasingly disruptive. We are FinTech experts and can help you capitalise on new advances.

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Recruitment & HR

We have deep expertise in HR  Recruitment and can help with custom app development, job board integrations and ATS software development.

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Sports, Leisure & Tourism

We have proven experience in revamping tourist attractions and revolutionising leisure activities. We can help you build engaged communities and luxurious experiences.

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"The team at Zudu impressed us from the first meeting right through to final delivery. The care and attention they gave us as clients was simply fantastic. Our UK wide golf/business networking community loving sharing rounds of golf and business opportunities on the app and the community has never been stronger."

Sean Fergusson, "FORE" Business

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