Keyword Optimisation, Asset Optimisation & Localisation

Like Search Engine Optimisation, the new techniques of App Store Optimisation are designed to ensure your mobile is found and downloaded in an increasingly competitive space. Zudu are experts in the three core areas of ASO; Keyword Optimisation, Asset Optimisation & Localisation.

When we consider App Store Optimisation we have always have some fundamental goals in mind:

  • Increased visibility in the stores via ‘store search’.
  • Outranking competing apps.
  • Ranking for important, relevant keywords.
  • Increased rankings in Google’s semantic search.
  • Increased engagement and downloads.

So how do we achieve this?

Keyword Optimisation

We help you identify the right keywords to target. We help you understand the download relevance, the competitiveness and of course the search volume of the keywords you are considering targeting. Simply aiming at the highest search volumes is too simplistic, an intelligently designed strategy will ensure greater success for your app.

Asset Optimisation

If you want to secure as many downloads as you can it pays to pay close attention to the image you create with your app store listing. You need to entice users. Zudu will help you create a compelling listing by paying close attention to your app’s icon, preview video and screenshots. A scientific approach using A/B testing ensures we make data driven decisions to ensure your app’s success in the stores.


The App Stores are global market places. Localisation can reap great rewards when targeting international markets. By translating your app into different languages and developing location specific listings we can dramatically increase your downloads by penetrating lucrative and often untapped markets.





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