Managed Pay Per Click Campaigns

Paying per click for targeted traffic to your website is a great concept. It allows you to predictably manage your cost of sales as you measure, to the penny, the cost of one lead coming into your business via your campaign.

When compared with traditional marketing channels, where it is almost impossible to measure the extent of your campaign’s success, pay per click becomes a compelling alternative for your business.

Targeted Campaigns

We can help you develop and deliver powerful targeted campaigns designed at bringing the right type of customers to the right parts of your website for maximum effect and maximum sales. Looking to promote a particular product or service? We can be laser focused and drive targeted traffic to unique parts of your website engineered to encourage sales.

Targeting Niche Traffic & Markets

Through testing and feedback we help your business identify new and lucrative markets for the products and services you already sell. New opportunities exist everywhere, if you know how to find them!

PPC Campaign Strategies

There are many strategies and tactics to consider when developing an effective PPC Campaign for your business. Zudu will help you navigate these decisions, whether you’re looking to run a flat rate or bidding style campaign, based on your business’s unique needs.

Continuous Incremental Gains

As with any marketing activities the devil is in the detail. We will work alongside you over various campaigns helping you learn more about your competitors, your customers and the markets you operate in. Working together we will form a deeper understanding of your industry and we will continue to incrementally refine your PPC campaigns and marketing strategy, always looking for extra performance and increased revenue opportunities.


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"Zudu are fantastic to work with, they listen to your requirements carefully and bring a wealth of expertise to the table to make sure you are making the right decisions."

Leanne MacDonald, Dollface Beauty

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