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With over a billion pages having been indexed by Google and this number rising exponentially it is important to understand just how important SEO is to having your content, your website and your brand seen online.

Search Engine Optimisation is often considered the backbone of a good digital marketing strategy. Ranking for organic traffic and having a high domain authority means ALL of the content you then produce also has more chance of attracting traffic.

Working with a great SEO team means you will understand your competitors and their strategies better, attract more targeted traffic and drive more clients and sales through your website. Working with Zudu on ensuring online visibility will bolster your brand’s position and drive your business’ growth.

Unique 12 Stage SEO Process

If you’ve invested in SEO before you’re probably used to choosing between a bronze, silver and gold SEO package based on your budget. We don’t work this way. It doesn’t make sense when it comes to a well designed SEO strategy.

How much you should invest in your SEO depends on a variety of factors:

  • How competitive your industry is.
  • How many products and sevices you want to promote and how many keywords.
  • The scope of your campaign (local / regional / national / international).
  • The speed you want to us to power your website up the rankings.

That means we won’t propose a monthly cost to you based simply on what you can afford but based upon what you want to achieve and what’s needed to rank.


Our unique 12 stage process is designed with your business needs in mind. It is the definition of flexible and transparent. Once we have performed an initial analysis of your keywords and competitors and a full audit of your website we will identify a selection of strategies tailored to your business and your budget.

You can then decide to progress through our full 12 staged process at whatever pace fits your business best. Looking to invest heavily to gain market share for a new product? Then we can tackle 2 stages a month and ‘turbocharge’ your efforts.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a mixture of skilled technical knowledge and a keen marketing expertise. It is a profession in it’s own right rather than a bolt-on skill for a web designer. This can make it tricky to provide meaningful reports that business owners can understand quickly and make informed decisions from.

We have worked hard to develop a reporting platform that gives you the relevant KPIs when you need them. We won’t blind you with science and will remain focused on your measures of success.

So what sort of work will be doing to promote your business online, gain more traffic and get you more business?

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is imperative if you want to understand the online landscape you compete in. Get into the minds of your customers by understanding the language they are using, the volume of searches for certain keywords, the most valuable locations and discover profitable unexploited niches.

Competitor Analysis

Developing an effective SEO strategy would not be complete without understanding what your competitors are doing. You can gain a lot of insight from knowing what products and services your competitors target, the locations they focus on and the markets they prioritise.

Understand the competition and develop a strategy to beat them.

Website Audit & SEO Health Check

A poorly maintained website will never rank well. You can populate your website with the most compelling content on the net but the ‘health’ of your website is a very important ranking signal to the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We will do a thorough audit of your site and let you know exactly what is required to give your website the best chance of superior results. Our experienced development team can get your site ship shape in no time.

Local Search Enhancements

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the world of SEO you’ll know that local SEO is becoming increasingly important. Users are being presented with search results that are local to them and this raises its own unique challenges and opportunities. With expertise in local search you can dominate your local markets and understand how to penetrate more distant ones.

Content Creation & Landing Pages

One of the reasons we are so proud of our SEO service is that we identified early on that for us to ensure we see fantastic results we need to go one step further than the other SEO services in the market. To succeed we need to help you do the types of things your competitors aren’t.

That’s why we create landing pages designed to convert the targeted traffic we attract and even create unique pieces of audio and video content to put around the web to show the search engines how active and valuable your site is.

This is no ordinary level of service.

Link Building

Link building is a crucial element of your Search Engine Optimisation strategy. Outreach strategies will encourage sites to link to your content and provide the search engines fantastic signals. Your website will start to become a cornerstone of your industry’s online environment and your rankings will increase.

Link building is a fine art. Work with a team that know how increase your website’s authority the right way.

Social Media

Social Media is increasingly becoming important to your SEO strategy. If you’re like a lot of businesses, you are in possession of a slightly unloved social profile on the web. Don’t worry, we will freshen things up, get you some more followers and get you back on track.

Blog Development & Management

Blogging and quality content creation is hugely important to achieving great rankings and attracting paying customers to your site. The search engines are looking to serve your customers with great content, so it’s a good idea to create some.

We know that content creation is a time consuming process. Don’t worry. We get you kick started with 3 quality blog articles and a press release. We are even going to set you up with your very own RSS feed. You will never have been better prepared to promote yourself online.

Yep, starting to see it? This isn’t another tired old SEO package…. We came here to shake things up a little.

Click Through Rates (CTR) & Dwell Time

When you’re seeing the best rankings and traffic your site has had in years we will turn our attention to site performance. Think of it like this…. businesses with a great sales but poor service win a lot of customers and also lose a lot. Great businesses keep them because they are providing value. Google thinks the same way. You may attract a lot of traffic but Google is also paying attention to how these customers behave on your site.

We work on increasing metrics like the click through rate, bounce rate and dwell time to ensure we compound your SEO gains by making your site look very favourable in the eyes of the search engines.

Are you ready to raise the profile of your business? Ready for more traffic, more leads and a better understanding of your competitors? Great. let’s get started…



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