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With so many UK-based iOS app development companies, knowing which one to choose for your next app development project can be a challenge. Whether you’re just starting out in your venture and want an app to make money and generate sales, or run established business and want to create an app that will boost brand awareness and build customer loyalty, iOS apps are a great place to start. In today’s post, we give you some tips on choosing the right developer.


Try out their previous projects

When you’re researching various app development agencies and whittling down your choices, you will likely come across lots of testimonials and reviews. It’s important to read these – and check out reviews on third party websites, including Facebook and Google where opinions are likely to be less biased towards the company – to get an idea of the app developer’s skills and previous projects. Indeed, negative reviews will likely change your perception of the company, and make you look elsewhere for an app development agency with a more positive reputation.

Once you’ve pulled together a list of a handful of app developers, the next thing that you should do is try out their apps for yourself. Get your iPhone, open the App Store and download a couple of each of the developer’s apps, reading App Store reviews and testing the applications first-hand. You should quickly be able to decide whether or not the developer has a knack for creating quality custom apps, or whether all of their applications follow the same generic grid pattern and offer the same functionality. Of course, if you’re on a tight budget and only want a basic application, then a cut and paste design will be fine, but most entrepreneurs want a truly custom solution.


Meet face to face

The next step to determine the best development company for your project is to meet the agency face to face. Meet at their offices, where you’ll be able to see development in action; or over Zoom or Microsoft Teams where you’ll be able to meet with your potential project team and ask them questions about the app development journey and processes. There are a number of UK-based iOS app development companies, and whilst a local developer may be the most convenient option, you shouldn’t be afraid of working with a company outside of your area if you feel they can help you achieve a better result.

Ask questions about how they envision your app progressing, and you’ll quickly get a feel as to whether they’re excited about your project. The best app developers will be quick to fire back their own ideas to make your app the finest it can be, and share examples of apps they’ve created (and apps they admire) to give you more food for thought. If you’re not getting that and the meeting isn’t going the way you had hoped, then you should consider looking elsewhere, as an app is an expensive investment, and finding the right company who have excellent communication skills and drive is essential.


iOS App Development Companies UK businesses recommend

If you’re still on a mission to find the best UK-based iOS app development companies, consider Zudu. We’re an award-winning agency based in Dundee and London, and have worked on app development projects across industries such as healthcare, tourism, FinTech and more. Our iOS development is available to enterprises looking for internally-facing apps, and businesses who want to create consumer apps to boost sales and take their brands to the next level. To find out more about how our custom app development could transform your business, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01382 690080, or click here to send us a message.

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